people of the promise kingdom divided lesson 18

BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 18, Day 2: Isaiah 1:1 and Others


“The vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.”

BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 18, Day 2: Isaiah 1:1 and Others

3a) Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah

b) The spiritual climate was tumultuous to say the least. The people were ungodly and were moving further away from God, as were some of Judah’s kings. Uzziah and Jotham did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. Ahaz did not. He practiced child sacrifice amongst others horrors. and Hezekiah did what was right. The service of the temple of the Lord was reestablished under his reign.


1:2-3: God’s children have rebelled against him (His people).

1:16-18: Isaiah beseeches God’s people to stop doing wrong.

9:19; 22:5: God will bring judgment on those who have turned from Him by scorching the land and the people.

9:6; 11:1-3: Jesus will save God’s people.

27:6; 32:1-2: 40:1-2; 43:1-2: Israel will be saved. Kings will rule in righteousness and with justice. Israel’s sins will be paid for; they will be redeemed.

5a) I loved the redemption (Isaiah 43:1-2). God will summon me by name and be with me. It’s so full of hope.

b) God’s promises.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 18, Day 2: Isaiah 1:1 and Others

Isaiah was my first study in BSF so many years ago, and I am looking forward to this part of the study again!

End Notes BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 18, Day 2: Isaiah 1:1 and Others

About the Book of Isaiah

This is the first and largest of the Major Prophets books.

Isaiah was a prophet mainly to the Southern kingdom of Judah from between 740 to 680 B.C.  Israel, the Northern kingdom fell to the Assyrians in 722 B.C. during Isaiah’s ministry.

This was the time period we’ve been studying (2 Kings 15 through 21 and 2 Chronicles 26 through 33)

Isaiah was a prophet with Hosea and Micah. The other prophets Elijah, Elisha, Obadiah, Joel, Jonah, and Amos had already passed.

Keep in mind, before Isaiah, the judges ruled Israel. Then Saul, David, and Solomon ruled. Israel broke into two kingdoms in 917 B.C.

Israel in the north had 18 kings who did evil in the eyes of the Lord.

Judah in the south had 11 kings before Isaiah, with some bad and some good.

Israel is in the crosshairs of Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon who were all fighting for power.

Fun Fact: Isaiah is the most quoted prophet in the New Testament. In fact, he is quoted more than any of the other prophets combined (21 times).

Isaiah predicted the Son of God a lot in his book.

Fun Fact: There are seven men in the Bible called Isaiah, which mans “salvation of the Lord.”

When you consider that Jesus began his ministry by quoting Isaiah (Luke 4:16-21), that should tell you the importance of this book.

Facts About Isaiah

  • Isaiah was married
  • He was the father of at least two sons (Isaiah 7:3 and 8:3)
  • He lived in Jerusalem (Isaiah 7:322:137:238:5, and 39:3)
  • He was advisor to the kings of Judah
  • The book of Isaiah was written about the same time as Homer was writing The Illiad and The Odyssey
  • Isaiah is the most eloquent book in the Old Testament
  • Isaiah speaks about the nature of God and His plan for the earth

Organization of Isaiah

  • Isaiah 1-12: Isaiah warns Judah when the nation is prosperous under Jotham and Ahaz
  • Isaiah 13-23: Isaiah speaks to the nations around Judah
  • Isaiah 24-35: Earth’s future and messages to Judah as Assyria is about to invade
  • Isaiah 36-39: The crises of King Hezekiah (an interlude)
  • Isaiah 40-48: Prophecies of Babylon 200 years into the future
  • Isaiah 49-55: Hope through Jesus
  • Isaiah 56-66: Warnings to Judah and more about the future

Fun Facts about the Book of Isaiah

  • The Bible has 66 books; Isaiah has 66 chapters
  • 1st 39 chapters address judgment and hope like the Old Testament
  • Last 27 chapters announces hope in Christ like the New Testament
  • Sin, salvation, and hope are the major themes like the New Testament

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