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BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 3, Day 2: John 2:1-12

Summary of John 2:1-12

Jesus attends a wedding with his mother and disciples in Galilee. When they run out of wine, Mary asks Jesus to help. Jesus turns water into wine for the wedding banquet. It was choice wine.

This is the first of many signs that Jesus performed that revealed his glory and who he was. Jesus then traveled to Capernaum.

BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 3, Day 2: John 2:1-12

3a) They ran out of wine for the wedding banquet. This is an embarrassment and could bring shame upon the couple. Hospitality was huge back in ancient times, and failing to provide your guests with adequate drink was a major faux pas.

b) I think Mary was asking Jesus for a solution, not necessarily a miracle. We see this when she tells her servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do. She responds with obedience.

c) If you approach Jesus with the expectation he will do what you want, you can expect a poor response. If  you approach Jesus with an open heart and looking for help, you can expect him to answer in his way.

d) Jesus is hesitant to reveal himself yet to the masses, but he does so.

4) Miracles but also answering people’s requests with an active answer.

5a) Jesus did something only the Messiah could do.

b) It shows me that not only is anything possible with God, but anything is possible when you have an open heart and mind.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 3, Day 2: John 2:1-12

I love this miracle! It solves a basic human need (drink) and helps avoid an embarrassing situation (shows Jesus’ compassion), and it’s done in an unpresumptuous way.

End Notes BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 3, Day 2: John 2:1-12

The 3rd day refers to the continuation of John’s telling of events: the beginning (John 1:19-28), Day 1: (John 1:29-34), Day 2: (John 1:35-42), Day 3: (John 1:43-51)

Jesus blesses weddings (he does this as we see by attending them). He blesses events in our lives when we invite him in.

It is presumed that Joseph died young since he is not mentioned here. Many Bible scholars believe Jesus took care of the family until they were of age. This is why he stayed in Nazareth and left when they were all cared for.

Mary probably approaches Jesus as the head of the household who is used to solving problems. It’s no different today from going to your family members to solve problems.

By calling Mary “woman,” Jesus is distancing himself since he is now in the public eye.

Fun Fact: Many only appears in the Gospel of John one more time — at the cross (John 19:26)

When Jesus spoke of “his hour,” he meant the cross.

Jesus most likely prayed before performing this miracle and did not do it just to please Mary.

Note that not very many words of Mary’s are recorded in the Bible. Those that are point to Jesus as Sovereign. As we see here, you are to do whatever he tells you to do.

Jesus used the existing water pots, allowing the servants who filled them to share in his miracle.

The pots were filled to the brim; a transformation was coming, not an additive to the water.

They took out the water in faith that was now wine.

Whether the wine was transformed in the pot or at the pouring, we do not know. There was extra, which the couple could have sold for more money for a start in life.

This is the FIRST of SEVEN signs recorded in John’s Gospel, each designed to bring the reader to faith in Jesus.

Jesus’ 7 Signs in the Gospel of John

  1. John 2:1-11 – Water into wine
  2. John 4:46-54 – Healing of the nobleman’s son
  3. John 5:1-15 – Healing at the pool of Bethesda
  4. John 6:1-14 – Feeding the 5,000
  5. John 6:15-21 – Jesus walks on water
  6. John 9:1-12 – Healing of the man born blind
  7. John 11:1-44 – Lazarus raised from the dead

Fun Fact: The Greek word for “signs” is used 74 times in the New Testament, 23 times in John’s Gospel.

Note the hint of the 3rd day of glory as this miracle happened on the 3rd day.

The disciples believed in Jesus more after the miracle, which was probably a motivation for Jesus performing it — to strengthen their faith.

We believe more in the Lord when He does great things for us, too!

Mary expects great things and lets Jesus do it his way. Great example!

map of Galilee in times of Jesus www.atozmomm.comCapernaum was on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus spends a lot of time here during his ministry. (Matthew 4:13).

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