Who is Elijah?

If someone were invited to one of the most important gatherings ever, you would think they were important, correct?

Considering Elijah was invited to see Jesus’ transfiguration, this would be a clue of his importance in Biblical history. So who is Elijah?

Who is Elijah?

Elijah was a prophet when the kingdoms of Israel and Judah had first separated. He had a powerful faith that God rewarded by answering his prayers. Eight miracles are recorded in the Bible that God worked through Elijah in an effort to win his people back to him. From the first miracle of having the rain stop and bringing a drought upon the land to seeing him defeat almost 1,000 prophets, God used Elijah in great ways for his glory.

Yet, Elijah was human. We see Elijah as depressed and afraid, yet God speaks to him in a whisper, gently reassuring him of his path.

He was unassuming, dressing like a bum in black camel hair. He sleeps in the wilderness and prays for food and water.

Before Elijah shows up to confront the 850 prophets of Baal, he has become the most wanted man in Israel. He alone commanded the rain to stop and he has foretold that he alone has the power to make it rain again. Of course, Ahab wants to find him to try to make him make it rain. Now, Elijah shows up, telling and showing the people who the One True God is.

Elijah lived in a time when God was performing miracles left and right in order to try to win back his people. Sadly, nothing worked, and his people will be scattered and imprisoned. Yet, prophets like Elijah who lived only for God give us hope and encouragement in what a life can look like when lived for God.

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  1. I am almost caught up. I am just beginning Lesson 4. It really helps having all the lessons on one page. I had them scattered everywhere. Hope you can receive my comments. I don’t get to many from your site anymore, maybe people are just not commenting? Thank you for making it so easy to follow you.
    Love these lessons.
    Lissette Trahan

  2. Thanks Atoz. That makes me feel better. I thought there might be something wrong with my site. I can do the lessons the same day you post them now. I am enjoying the Old Testament a lot more now, like you said way too many kings and rulers with same names and very confusing battles..
    These lessons were so needed. Thank you.

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