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BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 4: Genesis 12:4-9

Summary of Genesis 12:4-9:

Abram left Haran at age 75 with Lot, his wife, and all the people and possessions they had acquired in Haran. God appeared to Abram when he reached Shechem, telling him he will give his offspring this land. Abram built an offering to God here. He built another altar to God at Bethel. Then he continued towards the Negev.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 4: Genesis 12:4-9

9) Abram obeyed, but brought along others and his possessions, which God did not say to do. Still, by faith (being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see) Abram obeyed and was blessed (just being chosen was the best blessing ever).

10a) He obeyed God. He left everything he ever knew and some of his family for a land of unknowns and living in tents. He had kids out of faith. All with no idea how to do this except through God.

b) Personal Question. My answer: Unsure if I’m waiting on anything specific for God to fulfill. I just know He shows up and guides me. I pray and take action when prompted.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 4: Genesis 12:4-9

Taking the small steps is what leads to great things.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 4: Genesis 12:4-9

Most of us know Lot’s tale (which is coming up in Genesis 13-14). Abram probably regretting bringing him along in disobedience to God’s exact instructions.

Canaan was not the best place either. It was full of sin. He stopped first at a tree. Shechem means “shoulder,” and is roughly in the middle of Canaan. Most names of places are named after a landmark, which is what Bible scholars believe here. We will see Shechem a lot when we get to Jacob.

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What Happens in Shechem?

  • Jacob comes here (Genesis 33:18) and buys land from a man names Hamor for 100 pieces of silver (Genesis 33:19).
  • Jacob builds an altar to the Lord (Genesis 33:20). known as Jacob’s well.
  • Jacob’s daughter, Dinah was raped and in retaliation, the sons of Jacob massacred the men (Genesis 34).
  • Jacob gave this land to Joseph (Genesis 48:22).
  • Jospeh was buried here. (Joshua 24:32).
  • Joshua said his famous words as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24) and made a covenent with Israel
  • \Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 (John 4:5-6).

Since God had commanded all the people to spread out and He did so after the Tower of Babel, people lived in Canaan. Like most of us, we’re not going to voluntarily moved. It would take 400 years for God’s promise of this land to come true.

Calling of Abram

God told Abram again of His promises, backing it up with the land itself. Remember Abram bought his burial plot here. Genesis 23:14-20

Note Abram built an altar, which served as a meeting place between God and Abram before churches. From the beginning of time, we see how important it is to have your own place to meet with God and Jesus and remember their blessings in your life. Hebrews 13:15   (Hebrews 13:10)

Abram lived in a tent. Culture tells us to strive for material goods when our homes are in heaven. Strive to live here just good enough to live well in heaven. Hebrews 11:16

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BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 2: Genesis 11:10-32

Summary of Genesis 11:10-32:

The line of Shem is followed here. The account of Terah from the line of Shem who was Abram’s (later Abraham’s) father. Lot was Abram’s nephew. Abram married Sarai (later Sarah) and she was barren (had no children).

Terah, Abram, Sarai, and Lot left Ur for Canaan but settled in Haran where Terah died.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 2: Genesis 11:10-32

3) “he became the father”, “lived and had other sons and daughters.” They went about their lives.

4) Nothing really. These lists are quite boring.

5) Personal Question. My answer: the fact that my ancestors were born, lived, had kids, and died.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 2: Genesis 11:10-32

Admittedly, I got nothing here, so I’m praying you did. When we did Genesis last, BSF skipped verses 11-26 and did not ask about them.

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End Notes BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 8, Day 2: Genesis 11:10-32

We see Abraham here for the first time. He is featured more than 312 times in the Bible with 272 verses dedicated to him. Wish that were me. Admittedly, Abraham if the father of nations. It takes a lot to explain that and I’d say that makes him pretty important, indeed. We’ll be studying him and his line for the rest of the year.

Too many of us try to live up to Abraham’s faith. In truth, we do; our stories just aren’t recorded in the Bible. Abraham was called God’s friend (2 Chronicles 20:7); (Isaiah 41:8). James 2:23 ) We can all be God’s friend. We are all great in God’s eyes.

FUN FACT: Sarai Abram’s wife means ” controversial.” Abraham ” means ” Father.”

What we don’t see here is that Abram is called while still in Ur Acts 7:2-4. This is important. Abram leaves Babylon to go to Ur at God’s calling. However, he brings other family members (not God’s calling), and he makes pitstop in Haran (part way there). Terah means “delay” and Haran means “barren,” which was Abram’s life in Haran.

While many fault Abraham for stopping, the important part is that he started. This is all we have to do: start. One step at a time in God’s will.

Bible Study Fellowship–Isaiah

Yesterday was our first day of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), studying the book of Isaiah.  I’m excited to begin.  This is my first year.

So, I began the questions this morning and I hope I get better as I go along.  I had to leave 4b blank because I am unsure how Isaiah 1:1-9 relates to dealing with a past hurt.  The passage is about how God is angry at his children because they have rebelled and speaks nothing of forgiveness or restoration.  It only mentions how his people are stupid and how there will be chosen survivors.

Maybe it’ll come to me in the coming days.

I loved the lecture, especially Principle #1: God uses committed people to impact culture today.  I’d like to think I’m one of these.

It’s also good to be reminded that you were born with a purpose in mind.  I know this instinctively but it’s good to bring it back up especially when someone else says so.