BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 2: Matthew 9:1-8


Jesus arrived in Capernaum. Some brought to him a paralytic. Jesus told the man his sins were forgiven. Some teachers of the law took this as blaspheming God. Jesus said these words so that they would know that the Son of Man had power on earth to forgive sins. He then told the man to get up and walk, which he did. The crowd then praised God for such authority.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 2: Matthew 9:1-8

3) The men who brought the paralytic to Jesus. Mark adds the details that the men made a hole in the roof and lowered the man down to Jesus because the crowd was so thick they could not get through. God can help others through your faith alone.

4a) Jesus healed the paralytic first off. Then, he forgave the man’s sins, saying he is the Son of Man who has authority to do so.

b) The teachers of the law were offended. They thought Jesus was blaspheming God and they said only God has the power to forgive sins. The man who was healed did as Jesus instructed: he got up and walked out, carrying his mat. The watching crowd was absolutely amazed. They praised God for His goodness.

5) Everything. It gives me hope everyday despite my sins.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 2: Matthew 9:1-8

I love this story. So dramatic with the lowering of the roof. Now that would have been cool to see. It shows the faith of the men that they will do anything to get their friend help. It also shows the power of friendship. Do you have friends like this — who would do anything for you?

Great encouraging stories below!

End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 2: Matthew 9:1-8

We see Jesus as healer of the sick as prophesied by Isaiah. Isaiah 35:5-6

Note that Jesus heals for need, not show. Bible scholars speculate that there’s a lot of need at this time due to a lot of unfaithfulness. Exodus 15:26

Reasons for “Your Sins Are Forgiven”

  • The friends’ faith is strong. By saying “your sins are forgiven,” Jesus is also strengthening the paralytic’s faith as he is most likely depressed with his lot in life.
  • Note that with Jesus’ words, he is taking care of the man’s soul more so than his body. This shows us that your heart is more important than your physical condition.
  • Sin takes precedence over anything else.
  • The Pharisees see this too.
  • This emphasizes that Jesus is here to forgive sins first and foremost.
  • Jesus is claiming to be God with these words.

The Pharisees

  • Note that is the “well-educated” who always object first to what is new.
  • Note the Pharisees do not object outloud, yet Jesus “hears” them. God knows everything.
  • This should have proved to the Pharisees Jesus was God since he read their thoughts.
  • The Pharisees are correct in the fact that it is blasphemous to claim to do something only God can do; they missed the point that Jesus is God by doing this.
  • Jesus heals and forgives  Psalm 103:3.

Fun Fact: This is the first mention in the Bible of opposition to Jesus.

Note God gets the glory here. Jesus is not out for himself, which false prophets are.

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