bsf's people of the promise kingdom divided

Exploring God’s Character: People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided: Day One

God has been faithful my whole life, even if I did not recognize it or chose not to recognize it because it was not what I wanted.

I would like God to continue to be faithful in a shaky world and continue to guide me to do His work through my dreams, which I believe are from Him.

I also need God to be faithful for and with my family in their dreams and His purpose for their lives.

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5 tips to ready the bible when you don't have time bible study

How Many Bible Studies Are There in BSF?

There are currently 10 Bible studies that BSF, or Bible Study Fellowship, rotates through. They are:

  1. Matthew
  2. Genesis
  3. Acts & Letters of the Apostles
  4. People of the Promised Land (Part 1)
  5. People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided (Part 2)
  6. John
  7. Revelation
  8. Isaiah
  9. Romans
  10. The Life of Moses

For 2022/2023, we are doing People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided (Part 2). This will be the first time BSF has offered this study, so many are excited (including me!). It’s the only one I have not done.

BSF usually rotates studies by doing a New Testament book one year and then an Old Testament book/study the next year.

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