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BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 28, Day 5: Genesis 48:15-22

Summary of Genesis 48:15-22:

Jacob/Israel blesses Joseph. Joseph tried to move his father’s hands, being displeased that Jacob had switched the order. Jacob refused, saying Ephraim would be greater than Manasseh. Jacob told Joseph that God would be with him, take him back to his fathers, and he gives him the ridge of land he took from the Amorites.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 28, Day 5: Genesis 48:15-22

13a) God is the God of Abraham and Isaac, has been his shepherd, and now may the boys be called by the names of Abraham and Isaac, too.

b) God has led him his entire life. To find his wife, Rachel, and now back to Joseph.

14) Jacob knows more than Joseph and he tells him so.

15) He used COVID-19 to move us so we can start a new life.

16) God would be with him, take him back to his fathers, and he gives him the ridge of land he took from the Amorites. Jacob believed God enough to switch the blessing and tell Joseph he would be taken back to Canaan too when he died.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 28, Day 5: Genesis 48:15-22

Cruised through this lesson till I got here. This one is most definitely difficult to interpret because it involves God’s ways and not ours.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 28, Day 5: Genesis 48:15-22

By Jacob blessing Joseph’s sons, he is blessing Joseph as well. Ephraim would be the greater tribe and that name was even used occasionally to refer to all of the northern portion of Israel.Isaiah 7:87:17, and 11:13).

Fun Fact: We see the first time God as a shepherd is used in the Bible.

We see here that firstborn is more meaning first in position rather than a direct connection. For I am a Father to Israel, and Ephraim is My firstborn (Jeremiah 31:9).

David was the youngest son as well. (1 Samuel 16:11 and Psalm 89:27).

Jesus was firstborn, but he was not created. (Colossians 1:15),

We see the last of the three patriarchs dying.

Joseph is now one portion above his brothers since his two sons each got a portion. On maps of the 12 tribes of Jacob, you will see that Joseph’s name has been left out, replaced by his two sons.

This Amorite land is not recorded in Scripture as being taken. Joseph’s descendants will see this land.

Spurgeon called Joseph the best picture of Jesus in the Bible. Indeed, there are many similarities. The highlights are here:

  • Both were hated and rejected
  • Both were condemned
  • Both were sold
  • Both were falsely accused
  • Both were betrayed
  • Both were given a Gentile bride
  • Both began their life’s work at the age of 30
  • Both blessed the world
  • Both saved the world

The firstborn normally receives the priesthood, the kingship, and the double inheritance. Here, Jacob’s 11th son, Joseph, receives the double inheritance. His 4th son, Judah, receives the kingship via the Messiah, and Levi, his 3rd son, gets the priesthood.

Jacob led a blessed life, indeed. He embraces his stages in life and made the most of them.

BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 28, Day 5: Genesis 45

Summary of passage:  Joseph could no longer keep his emotions in check so he sent all of his attendants out. He made himself known to his brothers and wept so loudly that the Egyptians heard him.  His brothers were terrified so Joseph beckoned them closer and told them not to be angry at themselves for it was God who had sent him ahead of them in order to save lives and preserve a remnant on earth.

He sends them back to retrieve Jacob and all of his household and items to live in Goshen where Joseph will provide for them.  Tell him about everything you have seen, all the honor Joseph has, and bring him here quickly.

He hugged Benjamin and wept and embraced all his brothers and wept and talked with them.  Pharaoh agreed to have Joseph’s family come along with all their belongings.  He will give them the best of the land.  They could leave their belongings because the best of Egypt will be theirs.

He sent the brothers along, giving Benjamin 300 shekels of silver and five sets of new clothes and giving his brothers just new clothes.  Joseph reminded them not to quarrel along the way.

Jacob agreed to go to Egypt.


15a)  He tells them that it was God who sent him before them in order to save lives and preserve a remnant on earth.

b)  Well it’s hard to say.  No one in this chapter is singled out except Benjamin who is favored by Joseph as well (ironic in my view).  The brothers are always referred to as “they”.  That alone should show that they acted together as a cohesive whole and had to love one another.

Possibly when they were frightened they clung to each other.  They all embraced each other and cried over Joseph.  They talked together.  The “sons of Israel” (verse 21–another use of the word Israel shows faith) all went together to collect Jacob.  Joseph warned them not to quarrel as brothers do.

16)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Pray to forgive.  Pray for God’s power to forgive.  Choose to forgive.  Give it to God.

Conclusions:  The best part of Joseph’s story to me is how God used evil for good.  How he took the brothers’ actions and made Joseph prosper beyond his wildest dreams.  And how Joseph forgave his brothers and in the end ended up doing good towards those who wronged him.  God makes ALL things work together for our good (Romans 8:28) and there is no better example in all of the Bible of this than the story of Joseph.

Note how the last verse calls Jacob Israel.  The name Israel is used when Jacob is acting out of faith.  The name Jacob is used when Jacob is acting on his own.  Interesting.

Scholars say chapters 42-45 takes place over 2 years.  It seems as if it’s shorter but it’s not.  We must remember how difficult transportation was in ancient times over rough terrain on foot with nothing but donkeys to pack your belongings.  Also, we must remember the time between the first journey to Egypt and the second.  The brothers only return when they run out of grain.  That would take a bit of time to eat that up.  So Simeon sat in prison for 2 years!

Both Joseph and Jesus were sent to save God’s people.  Both were despised and betrayed by their own people.  Yet God’s will to save conquers all.