BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 5, Day 3: Genesis 4:6-8

Summary of passage:  The Lord confronted Cain about his feelings, asking him why he was angry and downcast.  God told him if he did what was right, he’d be accepted.  If you don’t do what is right, sin will prevail so you must master it.

Cain lured Abel out to the field and murdered him.


7a)  God told him if he did what was right, he would be accepted.  If he didn’t do what was right, sin would win and he must master sin.

b)  God understands the power of the devil and sin and is trying to encourage Cain to resist.  God does what every good psychologist does:  acknowledges the hurt and offers up a solution and encouragement.

8a)  If you believe in me, I will accept you.  If you turn from me, sin will consume you.  The choice is yours.

b)  1 John 3:10-16 explains that Cain did not have God and was thus a child of evil for he did not love his brother nor did he do what is right.  Cain was jealous of his brother who was righteous and thus he committed evil when he murdered him.  Do not be surprised if the world hates you because you believe and have eternal life.  Unbelievers are in death.

Jesus defined love when he gave his life for others.  We are called to do so as well.

Conclusions:  God always reaches out a hand to those who turn from Him but God cannot make us choose Him.  God knew Cain would kill Abel; yet, He offered him a chance.  Cain refused.  Cain did not have love in his heart.  He was evil.

One of the worst crimes against humanity and it’s been around since Genesis 4 (page 8 in my Bible out of 1370 pages).  Disheartening to think about.

Love truly does conquer all.  It never fails.  1 Corinthians 13