BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 4: Matthew 5:9-12


Blessed are the peacemakers who will be called the sons of God. The persecuted will have the kingdom of heaven. You are blessed when you are insulted. Your reward in heaven will be great. The prophets were persecuted, too.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 4: Matthew 5:9-12

12a) The one in your family who just wants everyone to get along. They are the facilitators of communication and advocates for relationships to be mended.

b) 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 tells us that since we have been reconciled to God through Christ that we can reconcile others to God and reconcile situations and people around us.

13a) People persecute us because we have God and Jesus and know where we are going. They are jealous by nature and therefore want us to be brought down. Those who do good are always targeted by man’s evil nature.

b) I wish I could say a forgiving heart, but it’s often negatively in the beginning. However, I end up praying for them and not letting me bother me because I do know where I’m going.

14) Unsure. Mostly it’s hardships of knowing what to do with my life at this moment and what path to take for him. Since I work from home, I have very little interaction with the outside world.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 4: Matthew 5:9-12

Spoken to first century Jews, these verses are hard for us to understand. Some may be facing persecution because of their faith, but most of us are not facing persecution by death. Our persecutions are small in comparison. However, when they do occur, know the kingdom of heaven awaits.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 4: Matthew 5:9-12

You can be a literal peacemaker in your family, or you can bring peace to others through helping them reconcile to God and accept Jesus as Savior.

Some will be persecuted because of their faith and righteousness. Other translations say to be joyful in persecution. Many Christians who were martyred were joyful, being on the cusp of meeting God. In our lives, it’s good to be joyful knowing we will meet God soon.

The world does not value the character traits in the Beatitudes. No matter. You live your truth; the rest will be damned.

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BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 5, Day 4: Genesis 4:9-16

Summary of passage:  The Lord asked Cain where was his brother.  Cain replied, “I don’t know.  Am I my brother’s keeper?”  (Hence, where our saying comes from).  The Lord says his blood cries out to Him from the ground and He curses Cain, saying no crops will grow for him and he will be a restless wanderer on the earth.

Cain complains, saying his punishment is unbearable and someone will kill him.  The Lord forbids anyone to kill Cain and marked him as a warning.  Cain lived in Nod east of Eden out of the Lord’s presence.


9a)  Cain never once asked God for forgiveness for his crime.  He never apologized or even admitted wrong-doing.  He only cared about the punishment he received and then it was still all about him.  I picture Cain groveling to God how horrible his life will be and how he’ll be killed.  Don’t you deserve it?  After committing the first murder EVER?

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  God took pity on Cain (out of His grace and love) and protected him even though he deserved a death sentence like Cain had given Abel.  God’s love is greater than man’s evil.

10a)  Cain selfishly complains.  David admits he “sinned against the Lord” and even composes a song about repentance!  David asks for God’s mercy and fully confesses his sins and asks for forgiveness.  He asks to be made better, to create a “pure heart” and then tells God he will teach others His ways so sinners will turn to Him.  He says he will praise God.

David has “a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart.”  He humbles himself before the Lord.  Cain is still full of pride.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I get defensive cause I’m in denial.  Yet as I grow in God, I get better and better at admitting my wrong-doings, truly repenting, and asking for forgiveness as I strive to do better.  Sure, I fail.  But I do see humility more than pride now.

11a)  We all have sin and we all sin.  If we believe otherwise, we are merely deceiving ourselves and the truth (Jesus) is not in us.  If we confess our sins, God will forgive us and purify us.  If we claim to have Jesus in us but we still walk in the dark (commit evil willingly), then we do not have Jesus.  If we walk in the light, we will have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus will purify us from all sin.

b)  Accept the blood of Jesus, have faith in Him, confess our sins, and we will be righteous with God.

Conclusions:  Good lesson on sin and the importance of confessing sin and making it right with the Lord.  Loved reading David’s Psalm.  Great, great prayer for us sinners!

As human beings, we all sin.  No way of getting around that.  We were born sinners.  Yet what matters to God is how you handle sin.  When you fall, admit it humbly to Him and ask Him for forgiveness.  He will grant it.  All you must do is accept Jesus’ blood and have a willing heart.

Cain’s attitude saddens me but I can see myself in him too.  Gives me something to work on!