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BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 18, Day 5: Matthew 17:22-27


Jesus tells the disciples more about his impending death after they arrive back in Galilee. He tells them he will be betrayed, killed, and then he will be raised on the third day. His disciples are filled with grief at this news.

Jesus arrives in Capernaum. He is questioned if he has paid the temple tax. Peter (of all people) is asked if Jesus paid the temple tax. He replies yes. When Jesus sees him again, he asks Peter who does the kings collect their taxes from? Peter answers from others. Jesus says he (the Son) is exempt from paying the temple tax, but he tells Peter to go and catch a fish, open its mouth, and there he will find four-drachma coins to pay the tax so as to not offend anyone.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 18, Day 5: Matthew 17:22-27

13a) That he would die.

b) They grieved. Jesus’s death should be a cause of joy for all.

c) I’ve grieved most of my moves to other locations, mainly because I did not want to move in the first place. Yet, there was a plan in all things, even in death.

14) Sometimes it’s best to not rock the boat and go along with what is asked of you.

15) So many. Every day, my needs are met. I’m encouraged in my job and my life

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 18, Day 5: Matthew 17:22-27

I don’t remember the temple tax story, so I liked that best of all. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing. Period.

map of Caesarea Philippi www.atozmomm.comEnd Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 18, Day 5: Matthew 17:22-27

Jesus usually paired his death with the hope his resurrection brought. The disciples were so grieved that they couldn’t comprehend the meaning of Jesus’s death until much later.

The temple tax is a tax every Jewish man paid. Jesus was not obligated to pay the tax since he was a priest (the Most High Priest in fact).

Jesus did not want to rock the boat, so he paid it. Plus, he wanted to set a good example for others. It’ good to think about and serve others, rather than ourselves.

Jesus used this tax to once again explain his deity to his disciples.

Obviously, the very fish that Peter caught that had money in its mouth would be a miracle from God.

Trying to catch one fish was something Peter, a fisherman, never did in that day. Instead, fishermen used nets to catch a lot of fish, so he was probably baffled by Jesus’s instructions. Still, you obey. I mean, it’s Jesus.

Jesus paid the price for all of us, as he does here for Peter in this example. Cool, isn’t it? It’s like Jesus never gives away an opportunity to foreshadow his true purpose on earth.

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