Coffee and God: Complaining

Bible and Coffee
Coffee and God: Monthly Coffee Chats

Hey all!

It’s the last Sunday of the month, and today complaining is on my heart.

I know we all complain. It’s human nature. However, the things we complain about the most shouldn’t really be complaints. For example, the schools our kids go to (at least they get to go to school), co-workers whom you feel aren’t doing their jobs (at least you have a job), driving in the snow (at least there is moisture to water our world), flying (at least airplanes exist), the toilet that isn’t working (thank God for indoor plumbing), or traffic that made you a few minutes late to work (at least we have cars).

My prayer today is for all of us to see the positives in this world instead of the negatives and to be grateful for the little things we “complain” about when in truth we have nothing at all to complain about in the 21st century.

We have God, and we have the Bible. Everything else is inconsequential.

God bless you in this coming week!


Coffee and God: Gratitude

Bible and Coffee
Coffee and God: Monthly Coffee Chats

Hey all!

With Thanksgiving still in the air, I’m feeling pretty grateful today. I have nothing to complain about. I have a great husband who takes care of me, three amazing kids who are growing way too fast, a job I love doing, financial stability (which has been a long time in the coming), a life where I pretty much get to do whatever I want whenever I want, my health, my family, two dogs, four cats, a couple of fish, a nice home, vehicles than run, and I have God and I have Jesus.

On Friday, I got food poisoning from Thanksgiving leftovers. Luckily, it was over in a few hours, but none of it was fun. It hurt. I hurt. It was exceedingly unpleasant.

It reminded me to be grateful for my health. I can run. I can walk. I can move around easily. My body is healthy. I have no ailments to speak of. I can do lots of things others cannot.

Today, what are you grateful for? Do what I did and make a list of all of your blessings in your life at this moment. It can be as simple as a steaming hot cup of coffee, a few hours away from the kids, a perfect, quiet morning just you and God and the cats who fight over your lap, or it can be for bigger things like a new home, a new job, or a new beginning, or a new love.

On Friday, I was grateful for indoor toilets, running water, and a hot bath.

We are so very blessed. Remembering your blessings and thanking God for them will help you get through the silly irritations in life that have you in a tizzy.

One final note, I’m so very grateful for you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have donated to my blog. I’m humbled beyond words — and sometimes in tears — from your generosity. You all are my strength when I am weary at times. I can come here and pray for you. You all inspire me.

God bless one and all!

God’s Faithfulness


God’s faithfulness keeps me alive
I used to be so unaware
I know now how to survive
When I pray I know He’s there

I didn’t want to let Him in
But He wouldn’t give up on me
He just kept right on knocking
Waiting so patiently

He knew I belonged to Him
Chosen before time began
He wouldn’t easily let me go
He loved me, sinning as I was

Once I opened that locked door
His love took over my life
How did I miss it before
His faithfulness was my guide

Now I am so aware
I see His faithfulness everywhere
In gratitude I kneel in prayer
My life surrendered in His care.

By :

Lissette Trahan

Comments on God’s Faithfulness

Why did it take me so long? I think back and realize He
was always there. What made me finally look and
know that is was all true.

My first look was in the Bible, but even then I did not
look with an open heart. I remember being so skeptic.
The one thing I did right, I kept seeking. I was about to
give up. I sincerely cried out and asked
“Are You really there?”

God was faithful. I have since read in the Bible
“Seek and you will find me when you seek me with all
your heart”. God kept that promise and my life

There is no secret. You have to really want it, want to
know Him.

God will be faithful to the end. I almost rejected Him
completely but He would not let me go. I thank God
that He did not let my heart become hardened.

I would not have survived.

Jeremiah 29:13 NIV
“You will seek me and find me when you
seek me with all your heart”

It Could Always Be Worse

It Could Always Be Worse by Margot Zemach reminds us of that very fact.

This Caldecott Honor Book retells the Yiddish folktale of a large family living together in a tiny house.  The father goes to the Rabbi for advice who tells him to bring his chickens into the house with him.  Well, this only causes more chaos so the father returns again for advice and the Rabbi tells him to bring the goat in as well.

This pattern repeats itself until the rooster, goose, and cow are all living under one roof.  Finally, the Rabbi tells the father to kick the animals out, resulting in a very, very peaceful night.

The father finally recognizes what a pleasure his life now is.

Great life lessons here–of gratitude, appreciation, perspective, etc.  Recognition of what a blessed life we all lead and often take for granted.

It could always be worse is a great motto to live by.  If only I’d remember this more when miniscule problems take over my mind when I should be focused elsewhere or when I should quit carrying things I should have handed over to God long ago.

A Rare Mom’s Day Out

Yesterday, I had a rare Mom’s day out.  My husband was home from work and he took the baby for most of the day while my oldest two were in school.

The day began with me volunteering in my kindergartner’s class for 3 hours and it was fun!  I got to meet two of the other moms and we got to chat while we did administrative duties (putting together art projects, sorting papers, etc).  Then I got to help lead a center where I got to work with the kiddos one on one and it was great.  I got to meet all the kids and also watch my little one in action.

I know it’s hard for parents to volunteer, especially if you work or have little ones but everyone should at least once.  I had fun.

Then, I was privileged to get my hair done.  It had been over a year since I had done anything to my hair (cut it or color) and I had resorted to wearing my hair up all the time because it was just nasty.  It was time.  But what really brought me in was a forthcoming wedding of my brother-in-law.

Anyways, it was great.  I got a great lady who was super nice.  She had great ideas for what would look good on me and she explained everything–why she was cutting, how to style, etc–which was awesome for me.

It couldn’t have turned out any better.  I got a great new do and color that makes me look a bit younger (hopefully, right!).  And I got a much-needed break from “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I need…I want…I, I, I…”

In all I had six glorious hours all to myself and I left the hair salon feeling like a million bucks.  It ended with my husband cooking dinner for the kids and I got to just relax and read books to them (one of my favorite activities).

Most importantly, I got to breathe.  I got to feel God’s glory and breath in my life and reflect on how great I really do have it.  I felt immense gratitude for my place in life and I felt great things to come.

What could be better?

Trying Not to Take Things for Granted

I’m trying to be more appreciative in my life for things.  For instance, getting my teeth cleaned.  This is something I am very grateful for as now my husband has dental insurance (something I’ve never had since birth) and we can get our teeth cared for and I can finally take the kids.  It’s great as I feel better when my teeth aren’t nasty.  I got my chipped tooth fixed (for which I am EXTREMELY grateful).  Getting one’s teeth cleaned can be something people take for granted but I don’t.

I finally have an IPod, which I definitely don’t take for granted.  Having gone so many years without, the appreciation is so much more than if you were just given one.

I’m trying to apply this to my kids as well.  Take each day as a gift and not let it just go by.  I’m also trying to do this with my writing.  It seems I have been at it for so long already that once I do achieve it, it will be all the sweeter (I hope I don’t have to wait much longer!).

Gratitude and appreciation for life are hard to accomplish when life is spinning out of control.  So, try to see the good and not so much the bad and hopefully the bad will shine less brightly when you do.