BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 4: Matthew 9:18-26


A ruler came to Jesus to ask him to raise his daughter from the dead. Jesus and his disciples went with the man. At this time, a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years came up to Jesus and touched his cloak, believing if she did this, she would be healed. Faith healed the woman.

At the ruler’s house, there were flute players and a noisy crowd. He told them to go away because the girl was only sleeping, not dead. The crowd laughed at Jesus, and they were kicked out. Jesus then went to the girl, took her hand, and she got up. This news spread.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 4: Matthew 9:18-26

9) Both are characterized by faith. The woman believed she only had to touch Jesus’s cloak to be healed. The ruler believed Jesus had to touch the girl to be healed. In both cases, what they believed is what happened.

10) How Jesus heals by faith and in different methods and ways: with touch or just by touching his clothes.

11) When accompanied by faith, Jesus can and often does anything, including miracles.

12) I have a lot of needs lately it seems. I’m very unhappy with my job, so I’m looking for a new one. I’m don’t like where I live, so I would like to move sooner rather than later. My kids all have dreams they need help fulfilling, as does my husband. We are all waiting on God to move. This draws all of us closer to Him.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 4: Matthew 9:18-26

I love how faith is the answer in all of Jesus’s healings. Someone has faith that Jesus is God and in his healing abilities. Jesus then responds. This is true for us today. Have faith; Jesus will respond.

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End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 10, Day 4: Matthew 9:18-26

The ruler worshipped Jesus, as is appropriate for God. Humans (Acts 10:25-26) or angels (Revelation 22:8-9),  are not to be worshipped.

Note how the centurion in Matthew 8 believed Jesus could heal from afar and this ruller requests Jesus to come and touch his daughter. Thus, the centurion had greater faith.

The Woman Who Had Been Bleeding

The woman with blood has great faith Mark 5:21-43 and Luke 8:43-48 . Jews considered the woman unclean, so, odds are, she didn’t even think she could ask Jesus to touch her to heal her. However, her faith was big enough that a garment would suffice.

The garment that Jesus wore was like others in the time (he did not dress like a King). She touched a corner of his garment that had a tassel on it. These tassles of blue reminded those who wore it they belonged to God.

Note everyone who Jesus healed had faith in him, not in his clothes, his touch, or his words.

Jesus cured her immediately. He made sure people noticed the woman, although she didn’t want to be seen. Jesus wanted to make sure she knew:

  • Her faith had healed her
  • She could now enter society again without questions
  • The woman would not have to hide her healing
  • She did not steal the blessing
  • The ruler saw this healing to strengthen his faith
  • Jesus calls her “daughter,” a title we see no where else in the Bible given by Jesus to another

The Daughter of the Ruler

The ruler paid the flute players and crowd to mourn, which was common in that day. The crowd did not deter Jesus. Obviously, they had no faith.

Jesus healed this girl out of mercy and compassion. The ruler had enough faith to warrant this, too. While Jesus did not raise everyone from the dead (he will some day) that he encountered, he healed/raised those out of God’s will and when faith was shown.

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