Bible Study Plans: 5 Ways on How to Go Deeper in the Bible

Bible study can be daunting, especially if you’re a new Christian. However, studying the Bible is challenging for everyone, mainly because it points out point blank how we all deserve death, we’re all sinners, and we all need God. In this blog post, I’ll offer up tips on how to go deeper in the Bible. Contact me today with any questions!


  1. View the Bible as a whole story. Many people make the mistake of tackling the Bible in pieces, reading stories here and there, and never putting it all together. Furthermore, many make the mistake of thinking the Old Testament is a completely separate part of the Bible and is completely opposite of the New Testament. However, the Bible is God’s story meant to be taken as a whole with an overarching theme — that of Jesus as Savior. Once you understand this basic fact, you’ll read the Bible in a whole new light.
  2. Understanding the genre of the books of the Bible. In your Bible study plans, it’s helpful to know what genre each book of the Bible falls into. This is important because not every sentence of the Bible is meant to teach you. Some are prayers to pray to God. Some are just part of a theme you can apply to your life. Understanding which books of the Bible are instructional versus narrative for example will help you to go deeper in God’s Word.
  3. Find God’s overarching truths. There are overarching truth’s in God’s word, such as Jesus is Savior, God is good, we are saved by God’s grace, and all believers go to heaven and await Jesus’ second coming. These principles tie God’s word together so you can go deeper in the Bible.
  4. Pray. When you ask God for help, He answers. Ask Him every time you sit down to read the Bible for a deeper understanding of His Word. He will answer.
  5. Don’t rush. Reading the Bible is not homework with a timeline to finish. You need to take your time to digest and ponder God’s word, and if you have to re-read a passage many times until you get it, do so.

These are just a few of some of my favorite tips to go deeper in God’s word. Stay tuned to AtoZMomm’s blog for part two to this series of how to go deeper in God’s word. Contact me to learn more!


Bible Prayers: The Forbidden Fruit

Genesis 3:6 “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”

Bible Prayers

The fruit did not make Adam and Eve wise, but they did realize for the first time that they were not wearing clothes. Adam and Eve thought they would get pleasure and wisdom from eating the forbidden fruit, but they got neither. Their lives were ruined because of their sin.

Lord, I worry at times that my life is not pleasing to you, that my walk is not good enough. It is hard to forget my past sins even though I know that you have forgiven them. I know the grace that saved me. When I sin, I am convicted knowing that I have offended you. When my soul is troubled, I turn to you and you are always there. I can come to rest in that profound inner peace knowing that you will be my advocate when I stand before my Father.

Your Word is full of treasures, the more I explore it the more riches I find. The Bible is a love letter to me from the creator of the universe. It was your Word that led me to you, where you revealed your love for me. It changed my life. It introduced me to Jesus.

Your mercy gives me time to repair the many mistakes that I have made. I can begin over again knowing that you will accept me and love me. You never make me feel judged, you give me as many chances as I ask for. Your mercies are new every morning.

Your Word says that salvation is found in Jesus Christ. That there is “no other name by which we are saved”. Does this mean that only Christians are saved? God is not that small. All people are touched by the Spirit of God in many ways that we do not always see or understand. However, those who are touched, it is always by Jesus Christ. Jesus, you are the human face of God, you are the God who took on human flesh, you are the revelation of who God is for me.

By Lissette Trahan

Bible Study Plans: Is the Bible True?

“Is the Bible true?”

I think most of us have heard this question at some point in our lives. Many say the Bible is just a collection of stories, myths even, about people who may or may not have lived long ago. How do we know it’s true? In this blog post by AtoZMomm, we’ll explore that question. Contact me today with any other questions you may have!

What is the Bible?

The Bible is the holy book for Christians. In it is recorded God and His son, Jesus’s, teachings to the world, as written down by chosen people of God. It is a collection of books written over a period of 1500 years. The Old Testament tells of the beginning of time and God’s choosing of His people, the Jews, and the Jews’ history. The New Testament is the story of God’s son, Jesus, and the spread of the new religion, Christianity, that Jesus ushered in when he died for our sins.


What is truth? You have to answer that question before you can answer if the Bible is true or not. Truth is what has happened in reality, or something accepted as true. The Bible states many truths, for example, that God exists, that He created the world and everything in it, that Jesus is God’s son, and the only was to get to heaven is to have faith in Jesus as God’s son and that his death cleansed us all to make us holy enough to be with God.

Evidence for the Bible

  • There are many existing early manuscripts of the Bible, all supporting one another. There are outside writings as well, from the Greeks and the Romans, all verifying the existence of Jesus. Moreover, the Bible is a cohesive whole, all uniting in one message and never contradicts itself. This would not be possible with so many human writers over such a long time frame without a deity’s guidance.
  • The Bible lines up with history.
  • There are eyewitness accounts.
  • The Bible cared about women when no one else did.
  • The Bible prophecies much and many of these prophecies have come true.
  • The Bible is without error.
  • The Bible has a clear message.
  • The Bible is sufficient.


In the end, the answer to this question is faith, which is what determines your entrance to heaven or not as well. Do you have faith that what the Bible says is true, based off all the existing evidence? Has God spoken to you personally? Do you have a personal relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ? What does your heart tell you?

Your soul and your heart hold the answer. Search it, and find it today. Contact me with questions!

Bible Prayers: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:15 “And the Lord God took the man, and  put him into the garden of Eden to dress and to keep it.”       

Bible Prayers

The Lord God planted a garden of Eden. And there He put man who he had formed. Life in the garden of Eden would be life in the Kingdom of God. Lived in the presence of God, a place of grace and blessing upon humanity.

I am amazed at the immense variety of birds and animals and the beauty you created. The Garden of Eden, where you placed the first two human beings, Adam and Eve, was paradise. Everything about your creation was perfect. When you finished it, you said, “It was very good.” Imagine living in a world with perfect temperature, without sickness, no injustice, no poverty, being able to commune with you everyday with no separation, because there was no sin. This was life as God intended it to be and because of you, Jesus, I can look forward to someday living there. When everything here seems to be in chaos, please remind me that this is not my home.

Let me go into my heart and examine myself daily. No one knows when their time on this earth will end. Death approaches me everyday, I want to be prepared, ready to meet the one who died for me. I pray that the way I live my life will not bring shame when I stand in front of you.

I remember the first time that you revealed yourself to me. My enthusiasm, my joy! Lord, rekindle that love for you in me. May it never get cold. I earnestly pray to receive this grace.

I am saved. I have the hope and conviction of life after death. I also know that salvation means more than life after death. When I was saved, you touched me, Lord, something became possible in my life, not because of my power, but because of your power. I am saved and everyday continue to be saved. Your blood cleanses me as I walk through this world full of sin. I have access to you as a child has to its father. You knew me and knew that I would be yours before the foundation of the earth. Make me worthy, Lord.

By Lissette Trahan                                                 

Bible Study Plans: Who is Jesus?


Another loaded question that when asked (even believers), sometimes we stumble. Below are some simple ways to describe Jesus the next time you are asked. Contact me today!


  1. Jesus is God’s Son.
  2. Jesus is God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
  3. Jesus is the Savior of the world, you and me.
  4. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
  5. Jesus is the Son of David.
  6. Jesus is the king of kings.
  7. Jesus is love.
  8. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega.
  9. Jesus is the bread of life.
  10. Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

There are many ways to describe Jesus. In the end, all that matters is who is Jesus to you? Leave a comment below, share this post with friends and family on social media, and contact me today with questions!