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Friday Digest: BSF’s Study of Genesis Lesson 1

New this year: I will be doing a synopsis of the key points of the Lessons on Friday. Reading the notes, I’ve come to realize that not everyone has time to read 6 pages of notes every week. This segment will be a less than one minute read for those of you who just want a snippet of the week.


  • God created everything in this order: formless earth; light and dark; water and land; sun, moon, and stars; sea creatures and birds; land animals, humans
  • God formed the earth
  • God filled the earth
  • God saw that it was good (this is written 7 times), and as God, what He says goes!

Take away: Only God gives us purpose since He created us.

Corrections & Updates to BSF’s Study of Genesis 2020

Hey all!

Some corrections I keep getting emails about:

  1. The answers are NOT available in a PDF format. I apologize for that error on my part. They will be posted starting tomorrow for BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 1, Day 2: Genesis 1:1-2  You can subscribe to my blog, or follow along each day/week by visiting me at
  2. I have responded to all emails. If you’ve emailed me and I’ve missed it, please email me today if possible. During the week, I am squeezed for time and find it hard to answer.
  3. Online sign ups for BSF’s Study of Genesis are here:  You simply choose a group and join! It’s really that simple. I am unsure when you will have the notes/questions online as that is up to the group leaders. You can choose groups based off gender, age, and interests.
  4. Email me with questions either via my contact form or at

Hope that clears up any confusion! Can’t wait for the Lessons! Have a happy beginning of September!

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BSF’s Posting Schedule for Book of Genesis

Hey all!

I just wanted to communicate my posting schedule for you all!

You will see in the sidebar that there are two categories for the book of Genesis. This is because this will be my second time through the study. I will leave up my old notes and questions for anyone who wants to compare. Thus, be sure you click on: BSF GENESIS 2020/2021 for this year’s answers.

That being said, with so many of us online now, I know many of you have already begun the study. In an effort to accommodate you all, I will begin posting my answers on August 31st for Lesson 1 of BSF’s study of Genesis. If you haven’t started yet, no worries! They will all be archived on this site. You can simply scroll down my home page, or click the sidebar to find all of the lessons.

Feel free to always add your thoughts on the lesson in the comments for all to view, or email me via my contact form. I will respond as soon as I can. My life is busier these days, so I’m not online as much as I used to be.

Let’s all grow with God this season of our lives!

God bless, and can’t wait!

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Start Dates For BSF’s Study of the Book of Genesis Fall 2020

Hey all!

It’s a tradition! Please let others know in the comments below when your BSF class begins, where, and if it is via Zoom or if you will be meeting online to start the study of Genesis.

Time is getting near!

God bless, and looking forward to it!

tips for bsf zoom meetings

Tips For BSF Classes Using Zoom

For most of us, Zoom is not our preferred way of meeting for bible study. However, at this point, it’s better than not meeting at all. Thus, rather than complain about the lack of humanness to it all, I thought I’d offer up tips for you all. Feel free to contact me with questions!


  • Sometimes you should just sit back and listen. Zoom meetings can get congested, especially when it’s hard to tell who’s talking. Sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let others tell their answers.
  • You can hide your face. Many people are self-conscious seeing themselves on the screen. Feel free to hide your face during meetings.
  • Mute yourself when you’re not speaking, especially if you have your kids running around, your dogs are barking, or your teenagers are having a spat in the other room. Not only will you not embarrass yourself this way, but everyone will be able to hear better.
  • Use two screens. I used this tip myself. I have my answers pulled up on one screen, another tab open to the Bible passage, and another tab to Google cool quotes from the Bible I couldn’t quite remember. Then my Zoom meeting was pulled up on my other screen. This enabled a deeper (and an easier) learning for me.
  • Use the chat features to throw in Bible quotes without interrupting.
  • Have fun with it!

While most of us don’t particularly like Zoom, having Bible study over Zoom is better than none at all. Make Zoom your friend, and you’ll learn a lot more about God. Contact me with questions!