BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 30

First Day:

  1.  It’s hard to quantify what I’m learned about God.  What I can say is this:  I’ve grown deeper with Him.  I’m more grateful, more humble, more worshipful, more in-tune with Him.  I understand God a bit more and His plan for mankind.  I understand Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well.  I feel my prayers are better.  My listening and hearing the Holy Spirit are better.  Every part of my life is better due to this study.

Second Day:

2)  I learned I need Him more.  I’ve learned to rely on Him more.  I’ve learned to pray more.  To listen more.  To put Him first more. I’ve learned to study more.  I’ve learned His plan for my life more.

Third Day:

3)  Any time you draw near to Him He changes you.  I’m nicer, kinder, more compassionate, a bit more patient, more committed, and more desirous of Him in my life more.  I’m trying to do more things simply because they are the right thing to do and not let my selfish desires throw in the towel.

Fourth Day:

4)  I’m more appreciative, more grateful, more knowledgeable, and more dependent on Jesus.  As I become more like Jesus, I reflect more of him.  I’m trying to be more generous with my resources and time.  I’m trying to have a mind more about others rather than myself and put others before me.

Fifth Day:

5)  I believe He has put me in the perfect job (if I get it) FINALLY!  where He wants me to be where I can have the greatest impact.  I’ve started to grow this forum and with my new job I’ll be able to grow this more and do more for His kingdom than I ever could otherwise.  I believe I’m right where He wants me and that feeling is beyond words.

Sixth Day:

6)  Trust in God.  Trust in His plans.  Trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be right now in the moment and in all future moments.  Quit fighting Him and rely on Him.  God has a plan whether you acknowledge it or not.  Life is much easier if you obey, obey, obey!!


BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 30, Day 5


5a)  The Homiletics Seminar made dissecting the Bible not such a daunting task.  I feel like when I read the Bible I understand more just from mere practice of doing it every day.  Personal Quiet Time emphasized the importance of daily time with God to nurture the soul.  I plan to continue reading the Bible daily and listening to God speak to me through His word.  Through BSF it’s become a habit so I plan to continue this in the coming months.

b)  This has already impacted my writing.  Ideas have flowed into my work and through typing all this out I have become a better writer.  Again, more practice makes perfect.  I hope one day my work will glorify God. I know I’m a better person because of this study.  I am a gentler person as I strive to be more Christ-like.  I think this also impacts my community by the mere act of me interacting with others in it.

Conclusions:  I wish I could have attended more seminars but I didn’t have the childcare.  The seminars definitely add to BSF and are great tools to expand your growth.  I hope to do more in the future.  I hope I reflect God’s glory more now in my every day life than I did before.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 30, Day 4


4)  I hope others learned from me as I learned from others.  ASK is a great exercise in praying for others and taking the focus of prayer off of yourself.  In the beginning, it was a great exercise in praying for strangers as well.  I learned you can pray for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  The power of many prayers can be seen.

Conclusions:  I love ASK.  I just wish we had more time to find out the results of individual situations we were praying for if people wanted to share.  I know God knows but it’s nice to know we may have made a difference in others’ lives by supporting them in this life.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 30, Day 3


3a)  The power of prayer.  God wants to comfort me so I can comfort others.  God remains faithful even when His people do not.  Trust in God and experience triumph.  We reflect God’s glory.  God’s plan and purposes will always prevail.

b)  I pray more.  I think of others more.  I trust in God and His purposes for my life more.  I try to be a better person knowing I reflect God.  Results:  Less worried.  Not fighting God as much in my life.  Accepting what comes my way as His plan.  Trying to be God’s light to others and bring them closer to Him. Completely knowing God is there no matter what.

Conclusions:  Good exercise to review the principles.  I noticed a pattern in ours such as faithfulness, truth, and God’s love that shined out.