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Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 4, Day 1: Ruth 4


Boaz heads to the town gate to wait for the closer kinsman-redeemer. When he appears, Boaz asks him to join him in a meeting with 10 elders of the town. He asks the kinsman-redeemer if he will redeem Naomi’s husband’s property. If not, he will. The man says he will redeem it. However, Boaz then tells him with the property come Naomi and Ruth.

The man changes his mind, saying he might endanger his own estate. Consequently, the man then took off his sandal in order to legalize the transaction. Boaz announces that he will redeem the property belonging to Naomi that was her husband’s and her sons’ and that he will take Ruth for his wife in order to maintain the name of the dead with the property.

The elders stood as witnesses and blessed his marriage to Ruth. As a result, Ruth had a son named Obed who was the father of Jesse and then David.


1 ) Those who seek God and follow God are rewarded with goodness. Both Naomi and Ruth had a heart for God, so God gave them the ultimate gift — ancestors of Jesus and a great life. God rewards all of us who seek him earnestly.

2 ) God works for our good. Life is good and full of joy, as are everything and everyone around us. It’s remembering how good God is in the times of sorrow that can get you through life.


Great lesson on how God works for our good in all things. I love how Boaz and Ruth live happily ever after, as does Naomi. Classic love tale that everyone loves with a happy ending and blessings all around. God’s rewards are rich, and we all are able to partake in them. Faith, love, hope, and compassion reign with God. Contact me with questions!

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Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 3, Day 4: Ruth 3:10-13


Boaz blesses her for her kindness and for choosing him over others. Everyone knows she is of noble character. However, there is a kinsman-redeemer before him who has the first right to redeem. He will ask if he is willing; otherwise, Boaz will accept her.


9) It’s exactly what I expected. After all, Boaz has been taking care of Ruth and Naomi since he first returned from Bethlehem and heard about Ruth’s story. (Ruth 2:5) Once it was discovered he was a kinsman-redeemer, it was only a matter of time.

10 ) There are always obstacles. For me, it tends to be time to do everything I want to do. But, I’m re-prioritizing my time so I can help more people and become better myself.

11 ) Boaz could have easily have not asked the other kinsman-redeemer if he wanted Ruth. This was a risk he was taking, which could have been bad for him if he truly cared for or loved Ruth. He praises Ruth and blesses her for not going to other suitors. He does the right thing. That’s my prayer, too. To do the right thing, even if it’s risky.


It’s hard to say which person — Boaz or Ruth — is more nobler in this situation. Ruth is noble for the way she proposes marriage, while Boaz takes the high ground as well and wants to make sure that he is following the law to the T. Both have faith that God will work things out as they should, meaning if they are to be together, then God will find a way for it to happen. We never see them question or hear them complain. Their actions speak for themselves. Great examples of true faith! Contact me if you have questions or need pointed in the right direction!