BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 22, Day 5: Matthew 22:1-14

Summary of passage:  Jesus told another parable, saying the kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son.  He invited guests but they refused to come.  He told the guests about the succulent meal and they still refused to come.  Then they beat the servants who carried the message and killed them.  The king then sent an army and destroyed the murderers and their city.

Then the king invited anyone they could find both good and bad on the streets to come and the wedding hall was filled with guests.  The king discovered a man not wearing wedding clothes and had him thrown outside into the darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Many are invited but few are chosen.


11a)  God invitation to us to accept Christ as the sacrificial lamb, believe in him, that he paid our penalty on the cross

b)  The servants would be prophets or missionaries or believers doing God’s work and then punished or martyred because of it.  All the disciples were martyred except John and Judas Iscariot.  Stephen.  Most likely Paul.  Joan of Arc.  Kenneth Bae.

c)  Jesus’ crucifixion or Jesus’ second coming

d)  Believers in Christ

e)  Isaiah says garments of salvation and a robe of righteousness and jewels.

f)  The will have God’s army sent upon them and be destroyed as murderers and their cities burned.  They will also be thrown out of heaven out into the darkness where there is weeping and a gnashing of teeth.

12a)  Same.  They are too busy to come or they are too preoccupied with things they bought (material items) or too distracted or they are worshipping an idol such as a new spouse.  Anything that is more important than God.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Those who reject God and Christ will not have a taste of God’s banquet.  This is a warning to believe in Christ or face eternal damnation.

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Yes because I have faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and are thus justified by His grace through Jesus’ blood.  Thus, I am therefore clothed in a robe of righteousness and a garment of salvation with jewels that symbolize the Holy Spirit within.

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  God extends His invitation to all but in the end He only opens the eyes and ears of those chosen to receive Him and His Son and accept Him and believe.  Those who put God first will be chosen.

Conclusions:  I like the wedding parallel as most people can relate to the symbolism.  A wedding is usually one of the biggest events in a person’s life.  Here, a royal wedding would have been a spectacular affair, one everyone would have prized an invitation for.  Similar to Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding.  This illustrates just how illogical people can be when refusing God’s invitation.

Those cast out of the party were because they did not have a heart for God.  They were there for selfish reasons (free food) and could care less about the people involved.

End Notes:  In Jewish culture invitations were often sent out twice, once announcing the event and second when the event was ready.  God is always ready for us.  Are we ready for Him?

Man chooses as does God.  Man refused to come.  God chose to not accept him.  The great dichotomy of the Bible.  We must choose God.  God must choose us by His grace.  It’s a two-way street.  Many hear the call.  Few respond.  Few God chooses to respond.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 22, Day 2: Matthew 21:18-22

Summary of passage:  The next day as Jesus was traveling back to Jerusalem from Bethany, he was hungry.  Jesus saw a fig tree without fruit and commanded it to never bear fruit again.  The tree withered.  The disciples wondered why the tree withered so quickly.  Jesus said if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.  You can even move a mountain to the sea.


3a)  “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” (Mark 11:14).  “May you never bear fruit again!” (Matthew 21:19)

b)  The tree withered.

c)  The religious hypocrites appeared healthy (with leaves) but upon close examination bore no fruit.  Their heart was twisted and unhealthy and they brought no one closer to God.

4a)  He encouraged them to have faith and not to doubt for if you have faith a mountain will throw itself in the sea at your command.  With faith all your prayers will be answered.  Mark adds to believe you have already received whatever you asked for in prayer.  It is about having the right heart and not about appearances.  It is about pleasing God and not man.  You will bear fruit with faith.

b)  As you pray, you must have a repentant, pure heart that is not holding grudges or grievances against others.  Forgive so God may forgive you.

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Jobs for my husband.  Guidance on which path to take.  God’s will for my life.  Fired from my job that was standing in the way of God’s path for my life.  I am currently praying God moves the monumental mountain of publishing.  I am praying for faith and patience and trust in this respect since rejection is everywhere.

Conclusions:  Again, sent immediately to another passage.  Mark should have been included in the required reading for this day if that were the case.  Good lesson on trusting God to move mountains for you so you can traverse His path.  Straightforward lesson on prayer and faith.

End Notes:  This is the second of Jesus’ two recorded destructive miracles (the other being the pigs that Jesus put demons into in Matthew 8:30-32) and both are not against mankind.

Fig trees typically do not bear leaves without fruit as BSF told us.  Hence, this is a sign of all show and unfruitfulness as the questions draw us to the parallel between the religious hypocrites and Israel in general.  God wants us to be fruitful and not just go through the motions in our lives.

Note Jesus is speaking to his disciples here or followers of him.  This message is for believers.  Have faith and you will have it.  Unbelievers this does not apply.

Note Jesus is hungry.  I love when we see the human side of Jesus!