Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Hebrews: Week 4, Day 1: Hebrews 11:1-14


Faith is being sure of what you cannot see and what you hope for. Faith is what allows us to believe God created the heavens and the earth. By faith, Abel offered God better sacrifices than Cain. By faith, God took Enoch away so he didn’t experience death.

You have to have faith to please God. Noah built an ark out of faith and thus became heir of the righteous. By faith Abraham left Ur to go where God told him to go. He and his sons became heirs of the promised land and had children and many descendants. They did not receive their inheritance while living; only after death.


1 ) Faith is being sure of what you cannot see and what you hope for. Faith is believing Jesus is the son of God, granting us forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation. People today think of faith as having trust in someone or something. Faith is having trust but it’s believing in the unseen that is the difference.

2 ) Faith is doing things you believe is in God’s will even though you have no idea of the consequences or what lies ahead like Abraham. Moving somewhere else in the country or doing something out of a calling. I think it’s very similar today as it was in Jesus’s time.

3 ) I like the example of Noah the best — building an ark when people thought he was crazy. My prayer is to keep following the ways of God even though they don’t make sense to me or to anyone around me.


Another classic passage that is super important to the Christian faith. Having faith is simply believing in a God unseen. Seems simple, but so many people miss God this way.