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BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 29, Day 3: Genesis 49:29-50:14

Summary of Genesis 49:29-50:14:

Jacob gave each son the appropriate blessing. He requests to be buried in the same tomb as Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, and Leah.  Then he died.

Joseph threw himself upon his father and wept. He was embalmed and mourned over for 70 days. Joseph asked Pharaoh for permission to bury his father in Canaan, which Pharaoh granted. So Joseph, all of Pharaoh’s officials, all the members of Joseph’s family, chariots, and horsemen journeyed to Canaan to bury Jacob. At Atad near the Jordan River, Joseph stopped and mourned 7 days for Jacob. Jacob was buried, and all returned to Egypt.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 29, Day 3: Genesis 49:29-50:14

8 ) Because God had promised him the land.

9) He is faithful.

10) They abided by his wishes and got special permission to take his body back. They all went to Canaan (a long journey) to bury him, as did the dignitaries of Egypt.

11) Pharaoh gave Joseph permission to take his body back to be buried. The Egyptian officials accompanied Joseph and mourned. Chariots and horses were taken. The Canaanites knew it was a solemn cermony.

12a) If you believe in Jesus, you will have eternal life. If you do not believe, you will die in your sins. All those in Christ will live again. Man will die once and then face judgement and Christ will appear a second time and bring salvation to all.

b) I really don’t think about my death all that much.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 29, Day 3: Genesis 49:29-50:14

I love the ceremony for Jacob. It is fitting. Wish the Bible did say more about death.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 29, Day 3: Genesis 49:29-50:14

Jacob knew he would see Isaac and Abraham in heaven. He also wanted his eternal resting place for his body on earth to be in the Promised Land, although he could have been buried with riches and in a pyramid for all we know.

Jacob is repeated his death wishes to the rest of the brothers; he already told Joseph (Genesis 47:29-31)

This ends the life of the last patriarch: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Those who believe in Christ defy death.

The mourning of Jacob in Egypt shows how great he was. 70 days was almost a royal mourning.

It’s interesting that Jospeh did not make his request directly to Pharaoh in the beginning even though he was 2nd in command. This shows the proof of the truth of the Bible.

This burial must have been grand, indeed, and the fact that Jacob was embalmed. Only the wealthy were embalmed in ancient Egypt. This is rare in Scripture to see this detail of a burial (outside of Jesus) recorded.

Remember that Abraham purchased this cave (Genesis 23:9), which was the only part of the Promised Land he actually owned (Genesis 23:17). Sarah  (Genesis 23:19), Abraham (Genesis 25:9), Isaac, Rebekah, Leah, (Genesis 49:31) and now Jacob are buried here.

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Introduction to the Book of Genesis

AUTHOR: While many point to Moses as the author of Genesis, many scholars debate this and wonder if it was a compilation of authors.

TIME PERIOD: The wilderness wanderings date back to late in the 15th century or early in the 13th century BC.

PURPOSE: To provide a detailed record from the time of creation to God’s preservation of Joseph. In-between, we see God chosing Abram (or Abraham) to be the patriarch of His people, adn we learn about his descendents. We are also taught the foundational truths that the Bible is built upon.


  1. Genesis 1-11: Creation to the death of Terah, the father of Abraham
  2. Genesis 12-36: History of the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.
  3. Genesis 37-50: History of Joseph

Genesis is a book of beginnings. Resolve today to turn the page and open a new beginning in some aspect of your life, whether it’s a new leaf in a relationship or finding God’s purpose for your life. We are created to know Him. Spend these days knowing God from the beginning, and share your knowledge and thoughts here. May God be with you and teach you throughout the upcoming year.

Thus, we begin with hope and love, then disaster strikes and sin is brought into the world. Then God chose a man to redeem humanity through His Son.

People We’ll Meet in Genesis

  • Adam and Eve
  • Abraham
  • Sarah
  • Jacob
  • Esau
  • Cain and Abel
  • Lot
  • Isaac
  • Laban
  • Joseph
  • Noah
  • Ishmael
  • Rebekah
  • Rachel

God picks you up right where you are at and carries you forward. Where is He doing this for you today?