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BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 2, Day 5: Matthew 2:19-23


An angel of the Lord appeared again to Joseph after Herod had died and told them to return to Israel. Archelaus, Herod’s son, followed Herod on the throne of Judea. Joseph was afraid to return. Joseph was warned in a dream so he went to Galilee to a town called Nazareth, fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus being called a Nazarene.


13 ) Archelaus, Herod’s son, followed Herod on the throne of Judea. Joseph was afraid to return. Consequently, Joseph was warned in a dream so he went to Galilee to a town called Nazareth, fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus being called a Nazarene.

14a ) The Bible foretold the King would come from Nazareth.

b ) In truth, all of us come from unexpected places since no place is truly more significant than another. Anything good can come from anywhere.

15 ) In every way. God has always guided me and protected me throughout all of the events of my life.


God draws us to Him one step at a time. The journey of our faith doesn’t happen by leaps and bounds; it’s in the little faithful doings when we say “Yes, Lord” when we grow until one day, we are His.


map of ancient galilee and egypt www.atozomm.comAgain, we see “child” mentioned first in reference to this event, emphasizing Jesus’s importance over others.

Archelaus, Herod’s son, was just as cruel as his father, which is why Joseph was hesitant to return. He killed indisciminantly, too. He ended up being replaced as ruler because of his incompetency.

God directs Joseph to settle in Galilee in the town of Nazareth, knowing that those people would need Jesus. Nazareth was an insignificant little town that has a not-so-stellar reputation. Here, Jesus, the King of the World, would come forth. Jesus who stood for the everyman and was for every man would be raised as no one special. That means that we all can start from nowhere and achieve great things with God.

God and Jesus’s glory will never be snuffed out. If you continue on God’s path, yours won’t either. Take his hand, and walk with him today!

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BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 2, Day 4: Matthew 2:13-18


An angel of the Lord appears to Joseph and tells him to go to Egypt for Herod is searching for Jesus to kill him.  Mary, Joseph, and Jesus all fled in the middle of the night. They stayed there until Herod died. Herod had all of the boys in Bethlehem and the surrounding area under the age of 2 killed in an effort to kill Jesus. Hosea prophesied this.


9 ) The threat to his crown

10a ) God sends an angel of the Lord to protect Jesus and his family. Joseph obeyed immediately, fleeing in the middle of the night. When God calls, you answer. There is no room for hesitancy.

b ) God’s people frequently flees to Egypt for protection, like during the famine. This is for protection and survival. Jesus will redeed us from sin like Moses did the ancient Israelites when he led them out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Hosea predicted this so this shows the legitimacy of the Bible.

11a ) Killing innocent children.

b ) Proverbs 21:30 “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.” The insecurity of my future. Nothing happens without God and it being in his plan.

12 ) Matthew uses this verse to portray Rachel weeping over Herod’s slaughter of all baby boys in Bethlehem. But God answers, showing He is there and is planning redemption.


I don’t remember this either. It amazes me to what lengths mankind will go to to try to circumvent God. They lose every time.

Great book on angels!


Joseph, Mary, and Jesus fled 225 miles to Egypt at God’s warning. In ancient times, a lot of Jews lived in Egypt, and Herod had no control there. Bible scholars believe this was right after the Magis left. This was a long journey in ancient times, which shows again that God doesn’t usually take the easy way. In fact, God often uses ordinary means.

We can only guess at how long the family stays in Egypt; we are not told. Some say months; others say years.

Herod’s fear turns to murdering children. God weeps for them.

We should expect opposition too as we follow Jesus. Instead of lamenting it, use God’s strength to grow stronger in faith and overcome. The prophecy from Hosea 11:1 is fulfilled here, as God calls his son out of Egypt to save the world.

Ordering the death of innocent children was completely in line with Herod as a cruel leader that we know him to be. At that time, there would not have been many children tpu to death since Bethlehem was a small town. In ancient times, whole towns and peoples would be wiped out on a regular basis due to war, which may explain why this event is not recorded elsewhere in history. In truth, this was an everyday occurence, so there was nothing special about it.

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BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 2, Day 3: Matthew 2:9-12


The Magi went on their way after talking to King Herod. They followed the star until they saw where it had stopped over the place where Jesus was. They saw Jesus with Mary and worshipped him. The Magi gave Jesus gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh. They did not report back to Herod (having been warned in a dream), so they returned home a different way.


6 ) The Magi followed the star until they saw where it had stopped over the place where Jesus was. God wanted to make it clear who the real King was to them. God is gracious, indeed.

7a ) You should go to great lengths to worship Jesus and God. The Magis traveled very far on a long journey to see this King and give him gifts and worship. You and I, too, should go to great lengths to worship him.

7b ) Remembering all that Jesus did for me, all of my blessings, and praising him for those blessings and my life.

8 ) The Magi were warned in a dream to not to go back to Herod. This ensured Herod would not find Jesus and kill him.


This is a great example of ignoring what your leaders tell you when it puts others in harm’s way. The Magi did not trust Herod, and since they were from another country, they were not obligated to follow his orders. Also, this is a great example of going out of your way to worship the One, True King.


The star continually guided the Magi. This indicates that it was obviously from a supernatural power (God himself). It shows God’s care for them. And, it gives us hope that God will guide us with signs, too.

Bible scholars debate is this is where the idea of the halo comes from with the star’s light falling upon Jesus’s head.

Jesus is a child here, so at least six months old. Matthew mentions Jesus first, as fitting a king (which breaks with ancient tradition). And, note that Joseph is no where to be found. This was so that Magis would not think Joseph was the father of the child.

The fact that the Magi offered three gifts gave rise to the notion of three Magi.

Even though the Magi gave the gifts to Jesus, the parents would use them — and indeed they did. It wasn’t cheap to flee to Egypt (coming up). God provides all that we need, when we need it.

When compared to the shepherds’ visit (Luke 2:15-20), you’ll see that they offered what they could — their hearts — instead of expensive gifts. We need to offer what we can.

Note God’s control over the entire situation (every situation, in fact), as well as his control over Herod. He guides the Magi to the precise location of Jesus. Moreover, they worship him with expensive gifts. God sends a dream (one of five dreams in Matthew 1-2) that will protect Jesus from the Enemy.

The Magi themselves relentlessly pursued Jesus and worshipped him when they arrived. So must we.

God is great and actively working in your life. Seek Him today!

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BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 2, Day 2: Matthew 2:1-8


During the time of King Herod, Jesus was born. Magi came from the east to Jerusalem looking for the king of the Jews to worship him. King Herod heard about the birth of Jesus, which disturbed him. He knew Jesus would be born in Judah in Bethlehem as Micah had foretold.

Herod found out from the Magi the exact time the star had appeared and then told them to report back to him where Jesus was so that he could worship him, too.


3) The Magi heard that the king of the Jews was born and went to find him to worship him. The news of the birth of the Messiah disturbed King Herod, and he secretly planned to find out where Jesus was from the Magi.

4) Skepticism. Belief. Cherry-picking the parts of the Bible that work and don’t work.

5) By sending challenges my way, as well as victories.


I don’t remember this part of Matthew’s account! How King Herod used the Magi to discover where Jesus was. King Herod was a weak man and a weak ruler. He was threatened by the birth of Jesus and harbored nefarious inklings towards Jesus right from the get-go. No one had a problem killing infants in ancient times. No doubt that was on Herod’s mind. The Magi were wary of Herod and probably had no intention of returning to him.


Check out these excellent resources for more in-depth information on the Magi and King Herod

Who Were the Magi?

While there are many questions surrounding the Magi, such as who they were, were exactly did they come from, how many were there, and why would they even care about the King of the Jews being born, Matthew focuses on the facts. Magi arrived from the east looking to worship the King of the Jews. They followed a star to find him (another question that Bible scholars cannot answer. What kind of star? And how did the Magi know to follow it?). Regardless, you have foreigners seeking to worship the One, True King. This shows God’s inclusion into His plan for the world.

Who Was King Herod?

Herod was one of many “Herods” in the Bible. They were the ruling dynasty that reigned over the Jews during the time of the Roman Empire. Obviously, he wanted to keep power, and the birth of a foretold king did not help the situation. He would do anything he could to snuff out Jesus’s life, including using the Magis. This Herod was considered a great ruler by Rome because he ran his territory with skill. However, he suffered near the end of his life from paranoia and often killed people when angry. Herod murdered his own sons, his wife, and Sanhedrin, and anyone else who was a threat. He was not a Jew. He was troubled as was others; great uncertainty was about to take root.

map of bethlehem www.atozmomm.comBethlehem was where David was from, and it was super tiny even by ancient times’ standards. It lies six miles to the south of Jerusalem. There is another Bethelehem, too, which is why it is referred to as Bethlehem of Judea.

Note that the star is HIS star. While many try to wonder what the star was naturally, such as a comet, a supernova, or even planetary conjunctions, suffice it to say it was God, plain and simple. In addition, Jesus was born a king, and he is still a king.

The chief priests and scribes were the teachers and those with book knowledge in ancient times.

Fun Fact: Matthew is the only one of the four Gospels that tell the tale of the Magi. This beloved part of the Christmas story holds more significance than just gifts — it shows how God always intended for Jesus to be for everyone. Contact me today!

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BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 2, Day 5: Genesis 1:26-31

Summary of passage:  Finishing up the sixth day, God made man in our image (our being God the father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) and let man rule over the fish, birds, livestock, and all of earth and its creatures.  He created both male and female.  God blessed man and told him to be fruitful and multiply.

God gave man every seed-bearing plant and every fruit for food.  He gave all the other living creatures green plants for food.  God saw all He made and it was good.


10)  1)  God made man in His own image

2) God created both male and female

3)  God let man rule over the fish, birds, livestock, and all the earth and its creatures

4)  God blessed man

5)  God told man to multiply

11a)  God gave man food:  every seed-bearing plant and every fruit.  Not until the Fall did God give man animals to eat (Genesis 9:3).

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Basic needs are food, clothing, and shelter, all of which I have thanks to God.  Everything else I have would be “beyond”, again all of which God has provided.

How?  By making me human, with a brain, the ability to work and grow into His purpose for my life.

12)  Personal Question.  My answer:  The gist of this passage for me was God making us in His image.  This is huge since nothing else on earth is.  So wrapping my mind around how God is similar to me (but definitely not the same).

Psalm tells us God created me and I am wonderful.  Always good to hear.  Especially when you don’t feel such.

Acts tells us that I belong here and now so I could find Him.

Great passages if you are questioning your place in this world.

Conclusions:  It’s always a good reminder that God provides everything we need.  This is His promise.  Not everything we want (as some claim and then get frustrated when they don’t receive).  It’s a good day to thank Him for the basics, which we often forget to do.

BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 2, Day 3: Genesis 1:3-19

Summary of passage:  God made light and separated it from the darkness.  He called the light “day” and the dark “night”. God made an expanse between the waters to separate them, creating “sky”.  He gathered the waters to create dry ground, which He named “land.”  The water was called “seas”.  Then God made vegetation on the land.  And God saw all this was good.

God made lights to separate the day and night and so they would serve as signs to mark the seasons, days, and years and to give light on earth.  These lights were the sun and the moon and the stars and God saw that it was good.


5)  God himself is light so the light on the first day is God.  You could also say it’s God bringing his light or knowledge of himself to the world and into our hearts (2 Corinthians 4:3-6).  Light is Truth.

The lights on the fourth day are the sun (the greater light to govern the day) and the moon (the lesser light to govern the night) and the stars (which could include the constellations)–literal objects to provide light.  Both were made to separate the light from the darkness.

6a)  The main purpose of all is to separate out night and day, light from dark.  The sun’s main purpose is to govern the day and serve as signs to mark the seasons, days, and years.  The moon’s purpose is the same:  to give light at night just not as much.  The stars give light as well.  All govern the night and the day.

b)  Psalm 8:3-4:  The glory of God (got this from verse 1).  The love of a God who can create such marvels, yet He still cares for such lowly beings as man.

Psalm 19:1-6:  The glory of God; the work of His hands.  They pour forth knowledge of God, proclaiming His divinity so that all will know Him (much like Romans 1:18-20).

Jeremiah 8:7:  Literally, as signals for the birds of the world to migrate.  Broadly, as signs for all animals in their life cycle such as when to migrate, hibernate, breed, etc.

Matthew 2:2:  As a sign of Jesus Christ’s coming

Acts 2:19-20; Revelation 8:12:  As signs of the end times when the sun will be turned to dark and the moon to blood and other wonders in the heavens above.

7a)  Miraculously.  He designed everything perfectly.  Orderly.  He starts with light, separated it from the darkness.  Separated the seas to make the sky.  Made dry ground.  Produced vegetation on this dry ground.  Made the moon and the stars for light at night.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  To my new home, to my life without my first dog, to getting back in the routine of school after our move.

Conclusions:  This lesson was a bit tricky.  I had to go back and re-read the first day where God created light and analyze it (initially, I got it wrong). It’s hard for us humans because light to us means the sun.  Sun gives life.  Without it we can’t survive.  Plants won’t grow.  We need sunlight to be healthy.  It’s essential to life on earth for earth cannot exist without the sun.

What we miss and what we commonly don’t connect is that God made the sun to give life. He is the ultimate giver.  He gave us life and created a light source to sustain us while we are here on earth.

Yes, we cannot exist without the sun.  But the sun cannot exist without God.  Therefore we cannot exist without God.

It’s that math common math problem:  If a needs b and b needs c, then a must need c.  Or another way:

If a equals b and b equals c, then a must equal c.

Wish more non-believers would see it this way…