BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 23, Day 3: Romans 12:9-13

Summary of passage:  Paul offers sage words for living:  Love others.  Honor others above yourselves.  Always serve God.  Be joyful, patience, and faithful.  Share with those who are in need.  Practice hospitality.


6)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Everyone.  It’s my nature to be selfish and do whatever I want whenever I want.  It’s a struggle every day to put my needs/wants aside.

7)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Serve the Lord always.  I’m currently trying to serve my community more and those around me more through doing what he wants me to do.

8 )  Personal Question.  My answer:  All.  It’s all about not being selfish and doing for others when man’s nature is to the opposite.

Conclusions:  All personal.  Unsure why.  Verses are clear cut on how to behave.

End Notes:  [Same as Yesterday’s].  Other translations say:  “Let love be without hypocrisy”.  This isn’t real love at all.  However, I firmly believe in “fake it till you make it.”  Some people are hard to love, but treating them with dignity and respect can grow into love.

We are to hate evil AND cling to what is good.  Most of time we pick only one to do.

Be affectionate and genuine to one another.

This is simply a call for good manners, right?  A lot of kids nowadays have no manners at all.

We are also called to work hard.

“Spiritual fervor” can be translated as “boiling.”

The call to hope in the Bible usually has in mind the call to our ultimate home with Jesus.  Everything we do must be with an eye towards heaven.  Difficult times and troubles do not excuse us to abandon our hope and love and prayer.  Just because we’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you should make others have a bad day.  Always cling to Jesus and what he offers.  It’s a cause for joy (1 Peter 1:3-9).

Leon Morris explains patient as: “denotes not a passive putting up with things, but an active, steadfast endurance.”  Enduring triumphantly which is necessary for Christians because affliction is our inevitable experience (John 16:33; 2 Timothy 3:12)  Tribulation/affliction: “denotes not some minor pinprick, but deep and serious trouble.”

“Faithful in prayer”:  One must not only pray in hard times, but also maintain communion with God through prayer at all times (Luke 18:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:17).

God’s people is sometimes translated as “saints”, which all believers are.  The idea here is practice what you preach. Put into action what you believe.  The ancient Greek word for hospitality is literally translated “love for strangers.” In addition, “given” (translated for us as practice) is a strong word, sometimes translated “persecute” (as in Romans 12:14).  The idea is to “pursue” people you don’t know with hospitality.  This is love in action, not just feelings.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 23, Day 3 Isaiah 50:6-11

Summary of passage:  Jesus says he offered his back to those who beat him and his cheeks.  He did not hide his face from the mocking and spitting because the Lord helps him.  Jesus will not be disgraced nor shamed and will be set like a flint in his resolve to obey.  The Lord will vindicate him.  Because the Lord helps Jesus, let all who dare to accuse and condemn Jesus come forward.  Let them dare for they will be eaten up by moths.  Trust in the Lord and rely on God, fear and obey Him.  All who light their own fire and walk in it will lie down in torment.


6a)  Matthew 27:30-31  Romans struck Jesus again and again on the head; they spit and mocked him

Luke 9:51  Jesus went to Jerusalem, knowing He’d suffer.  He set his face like flint, determined to obey

Romans 8:33-34; Acts 2:23  God justifies and vindicates; only God condemns.  God allows Jesus to suffer, not man

John 12:49-50  Father commanded Jesus what to say and how

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  After we lost everything, we trusted in God’s provision and He has–that and more.

7a)  Fear, obey, walk, trust, rely on God and you will be led to the light.  If you light your own way and walk in your own light, you will lie down in torment.

b)  Our world doesn’t consult God.  It doesn’t fear, obey, walk, trust, or rely on God.  Our world and the people in it listens to themselves.

c)  Personal question.  My answer:  I’ve been lucky.  Even when I strayed God was in the back of my mind.  I was broken and consumed by my brokenness and had no regard for my life or God in it.  Still, God protected me in my brokenness and brought me through to Him again.

Conclusions:  Rely on God and His presence in your life.  If you stay faithful to His word, God will vindicate you.  Do not be tempted to follow your path and not God’s.  For God is always there, whether we want Him to be or acknowledge Him or not.