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Coffee and God: New Beginnings

Hey all!

I hope you are enjoying your coffee!

For Bible Study Fellowship, we are focusing on the book of Genesis and new beginnings. It’s very apropos to my life right now as we are about to move states, and both my husband and I are embarking on side careers. It will be a new beginning in many ways for my family.

So what are your beginnings? And will you approach them faithfully like Noah who obeyed God implicitly? Do you have the patience to let Him show you the way in His timing?

sibling rivalry in the bible chapter genesis

Sibling Rivalry in the Book of Genesis

Sibling rivalry has been with us since the beginning of time. Cain and Abel are not the only siblings to have a rivalry (although it appears the rivalry was mainly on Cain’s part). We will soon see Ishmael and Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph and all of his brothers.

Chapter 4 of the book of Genesis has many firsts:

  • The first birth of a human
  • The first death of a human (murder of Abel)
  • The first worship
  • The first division of labor
  • The first cities
  • The first extended families
  • The first progress of humanity

When you wonder why you do the things you do, mankind has been doing them since the very beginning of time. The only cure is God.

bsf genesis lesson 4

Friday Digest: BSF’s Study of Genesis Lesson 4


  • Sin will never be eradicated from humanity until Jesus’s Second Coming
  • Your response to sin is what determines your path in life
  • God knows and cares about your heart, not your actions
  • God always offers a way back to Him
  • Only God has what we need and can satisfy us from our broken selves
  • Sin escalates when you reject God
  • God’s plan prevails

Take Away: You either worship God of someone/something else.