jonah and the whale people of the promise kingdom divided lesson 12

BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 12, Day 5: Jonah 4



Jonah expresses his anger that God saved Nineveh. He asks to die. Jonah leaves the city and waits. The Lord provides a plant for shade for him. It grows and then dies. God asks him if he has a right to be angry about the plant. He still wishes for death. Jonah’s concern for the plant is the same as God’s concern for the people of Nineveh who also needed tending to grow in faith.

BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 12, Day 5: Jonah 4

13a) That Jonah is playing God, deciding who should be saved and who should not.

b) Pride that he was better than the people of Nineveh. Anger that they were horrible sinners and God saved them when he was a prophet who was also saved. Anger that the Assyrians were his enemies (the enemy of God’s people). They should be judged, not granted mercy.

14a) Tenderly. By trying to explain to Jonah in a way he would understand about God’s infinite mercy for Nineveh.

b) “should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh” “you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity”

15) It really hasn’t. I’ve always understoon that God can forgive whoever he wants to forgive like he has forgiven me. It’s not on me to judge who he saves and who he doesn’t.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 12, Day 5: Jonah 4

I find it interesting how Jonah is playing God here and decides for God that Nineveh should not be saved. How many of us do this to our loved ones?

End Notes BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 12, Day 5: Jonah 4

Most prophets are pleased with converts. Thus, Jonah’s reaction here is very different.

Without God’s mercy, Jonah would be dead. Yet, this same mercy granted to Nineveh overwhelms him with anger.

God questions us because we are in the wrong and He wants us to see it from a different (often His) perspective. Sure, we can be angry with God, but we are never right over God, and we must repent of that anger, which is often due to misunderstanding.

Jonah seemed to hope that God would still destroy Nineveh when he left. He did not understand God’s love for all of humanity.

Yet, if Jonah cared so much for a plant that he did nothing for, how much more is God’s caring and love for a people that He did everything for from the moment of their creation?

Fun Fact: This is the first time Jonah is recorded as being happy. And it’s all because of a plant.

Fun Fact: Jonah’s last words recorded in the Bible show him clinging to his ways and not God’s ways. Luckily, God always has the last word.

All of this prepared Jonah for God’s work. How is He preparing you today?

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jesus escaping the crowds of people bsf matthew

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 12, Day 5: Matthew 12:22-50


Jesus healed a demon-possessed man, and the Pharisees said it is only by Beelzebub, or the devil, that Jesus can drive out demons. Jesus pointed out that why would Satan go against himself by driving out demons he put into people? And the priests drive out demons, too. Are they working for Satan, too? A house divided against itself cannot stand, Jesus says, and whoever is not with him is against him.

God won’t forgive anyone who speaks against or blasphemies the Holy Spirit, calling God’s work evil. A good tree will bear good fruit; a bad tree bears bad fruit. By your words, you will be condemned.

The Pharisees ask Jesus for a miraculous sign, and Jesus calls them wicked for asking. Jesus will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth like Jonah was three days and nights in a fish’s belly.

Jesus’s mother and brothers came to see him. Jesus calls all of his disciples who do the will of the Father his brother, sister, and mother.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 12, Day 5: Matthew 12:22-50

13a) His power over evil and the devil.

b) You have to subdue the person before you rob him. Jesus overcame Satan first to heal the man. He binded Satan’s power. He is stronger than Satan.

14a) They are not genuine. They are looking to trap Jesus and try to get him to prove himself. Jesus does not have to do that.

b) Jesus will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth like Jonah was three days and nights in a fish’s belly. There will be a sign (Jesus’s death) and a call to repentance.

15) Treat everyone as family.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 12, Day 5: Matthew 12:22-50

Long passages of Jesus fighting against the Pharisees. The fact of the matter is that the Pharisees want to see Jesus go away, which is why they are plotting to kill him. He is ruffling too many feather and changing the way things have always been done. They want to maintain power here. why Jesus essentially only humors them.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 12, Day 5: Matthew 12:22-50

Why would Satan cast out Satan? Jesus says the Pharisees are making no sense right now.

Jesus uses the Spirit of God to heal.

He tells the Pharisees since they are not for him, they are by default against him. If the leaders reject Jesus, they are rejecting the Holy Spirit. God will not forgive them, and they will face eternal consequences.

Jesus points out to the Pharisees that they are bearing bad fruit (or are evil) as they condemn him.

“Brood of vipers” is like calling them the “sons of Satan.”

Careless or idle words do nothing for Christ. Our words reflect our hearts, and you can often tell where a person’s heart lies by their heart. That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9)

The Sign of Jonah

Jesus had already given countless signs; the fact they asked for a sign shows their unbelief.

Jonah was effectively dead in the fish’s belly and then he was given new life. This reflects Jesus’s resurrection. The three days and nights could mean a portion of those days and nights and not the full effect. The Ninevites recognized Jonah; the Queen of Sheba recognized God in Solomon. The Pharisees have failed to recognize Jesus.

Jesus says he is greater than Solomon, a king who is very highly regarded in Jesus’s day.

Jesus will judge the Pharisees moreso than the people of Ninevah as his light is greater.

Evil spirits look for those who are empty of the spirit of Jesus. If you are filled with Jesus, you can never be empty.

True Believers in Christ

Bible scholars believe that Mary and his brothers have arrived to maybe bring Jesus back home and somehow end or curtail his ministry. They are probably worried about him. They do not hold any special privileges. Instead, it’s those who do the will of God who are special.

Jesus sees every believer like his mother, brother, and sister. How cool!

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lot's daughters

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 12, Day 5: Genesis 19:30-38

Summary of Genesis 19:30-38:

Lot and his two daughers were afraid to live in Zoar so they lived in a cave in the mountains. The older daughter gets worried that they are all alone with no men to marry, so she convinces her sister to get her father drunk and both of them lie with him. They both become pregnant, having sons. One is named Moab and becomes the father of the Moabites and the other is named Ben-Ammi, who becomes the father of the Ammonites — both of whom will constantly war and bicker with Israel, as well as tempt them to sin.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 12, Day 5: Genesis 19:30-38

13) The older daughter gets worried that they are all alone with no men to marry, so she convinces her sister to get her father drunk and both of them lie with him.

14) All kinds. The problem is man’s mind is twisted by sin and so we can pretty much justify any action — even murder — in our own minds.

15) Moabites and Ammonites. Both nations would continue to tempt Israel into sin. Numbers 25:1 tells us Israel was tempted into sexual immorality with Moabite women. Ruth was a Moabite who would become the mother of Obed who had Jesse who had David whom Jesus came from. Now that is powerful. God continues to judge the sins of Moabites in Jeremiah 48:46-47. God judges Ammon in Ezekiel 25:3-6, making it a resting place for sheep.

16) Lot was afraid so he fled to the mountains. Did he pray to God at all during this time, asking God where to go? It seems all of Lot’s decisions in life were made out of fear, like choosing Sodom in the first place because it looked good and he was afraid the other places were not fruitful. God rescued him; God had not abandoned him; surely God would answer had he prayed. So my answer: don’t let fear guide you. Pray and pray some more. Fear usually is not God’s path for us.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 12, Day 5: Genesis 19:30-38

Why did Lot not go and live with Abraham is beyond me here. Would have avoided all of this. Ask God before fleeing from life to the mountains and letting your daughters live in ignorance of the world.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 12, Day 5: Genesis 19:30-38

Lot had access to wine from somewhere. Bible scholars think that the daughters may have thought the whole world was destroyed and there were no men left. However, they did live in Zoar so that is not the case. Probably the daugthers’ minds were so twisted by sin since they saw incest and sodomy all around them that they thought this was okay.

Lot did not seek God at all we are told. Lot’s life was tragic, indeed. He let himself become drunk, lie with his daughters who had children who would become thorns in Israel’s side for generations. Luckily, God used this for good as we see with Ruth, one of Jesus’s relatives.


BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 12, Day 5: Genesis 13:14-18


Summary of passage:  The Lord told Abram He was giving him and his offspring all the land Abram could see forever.  God will make Abram’s offspring as numerous as the dust on the earth.  God told Abram to walk his land.  So Abram moved his tents and settled near Hebron where he built an altar to the Lord.


11a)  Read this question carefully.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, appropriate by definition means “to take exclusive possession of, annex; to set apart for or assign to a particular purpose or use; to take or make use of without authority or right.”

In this passage, God requires Abram to go and walk through the length and breadth of the land in order to appreciate God’s gift and to realize the immensity of God’s gift and promises.  God wants Abram to embrace His gifts and promises, to take possession of them like you would a home you just bought, and to make use of them.  God is granting Abram the right to make use of the land and His promises even though Abram has no right to it.  Make sense?

For us, figuratively, God wants us to explore his land, which is His word today, and embrace His promises–by FAITH.

b)  God promises us the world as long as we follow Him and we do not turn away from his law.  God gives Joshua the Promised land and tells him no one will be able to stand against him and He will never forsake him.  Success depends on obeying the law.  God will be with you wherever you go.

12)  Romans 14:10-12:  Because our actions could affect others coming to Christ.  Paul says to stop passing judgment on others for we will all give an account to God for our actions.  Verse 13 is the crux:  “not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.”

2 Corinthians 5:9-10:  We must make it our goal to please God for we will all be judged and we will receive what is due us for the things done in the body while her on earth.

1 John 2:28:  We must continue in him (obey his commands) so that we may be confident and unashamed for our actions when Christ comes again.

Conclusions:  The verses in questions 12 I think emphasize the “me”.  I emphasized how it affects others.  True, we must please God and do what is right because we will be judged and our rewards in heaven is determined by our deeds here on earth.  But more importantly is how once you are a Christian people look at you differently.  You represent Christ here on earth and we must be especially careful because others are watching and what we say and do could determine whether or not they come to him or not.

My soul is saved.  Saving others souls’ should be the priority.  And that I believe will earn you greater rewards than just being good.  For their is no nobler a cause.  And naturally, through the goal of saving others, flows forth righteousness, love, and compassion–eternal rewards–God will give.

End Note:  Be careful of the verb appropriate here.  It’s got a tricky definition and I don’t think it means God doesn’t have the right to give the land.  For on earth it can mean taking someone’s property without permission.  Since it is all God’s He can do whatever He wants.  Still, the verb is not sitting well with me in this instance for it does have a negative connotation.  And nothing God does is.

Man seems to think it’s all “mine”.  Look at the Middle East right now.  Fighting again over the land–a gift from God.  Man has forgotten it is all God’s.

I think one of the biggest criticisms unbelievers say about God is this:  that He just forced the people already living in the Promised Land out and took it from them.  Unbelievers just don’t grasp the truth it was and is God’s to begin with and He can do whatever He wants.

Therefore, appropriate is a word man uses when someone takes land.  But here, I believe, it’s land for God’s purposes to be achieved.  Only man can twist the meaning.

Day 6, Question 13:  I normally don’t answer or post these but I couldn’t resist this one.  I was just on a BLOG where there were insanely beautiful pictures of bighorn sheep.  These creatures were magnificent, God’s creations, the epitome of beauty.

I think God’s order to walk the land is an order to appreciate the beauty and the miraculousness of life on earth–the only planet in our galaxy where life exists.  To truly understand God’s gift, Abram needed to see the entire land He had promised him.

We can “walk the land” in the same way.  Literally would be nice but in this day and age we don’t have to.  You can see the images others take and stand in awe of Him–like I was with these photos.

I would encourage you to appreciate God’s beauty around us.  For in all His Creations, is Him.  And we will get to know God the more we get to know His creations–the animals, plants, seas, mountains, and man–the more we embrace His Creations, the more we “take possession of” His Creations.  This is my prayer.