the suffering servant people of the promise kingdom divided lesson 21

BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 21, Day 2: Isaiah 49-52:12


Isaiah 49

God called Isaiah to be his servant before Isaiah was born. God will display His splendor thorugh Isaiah. He told Isaiah he would bring back Israel, Jacob, and the Gentiles to him. Isaiah chose you. God will restore Israel. The people will not hunger or thirst. God will have compassion on them. The Lord comforts His people. He does not forsake them.

Other nations will bow down to Israel. God will have his revenge on Israel’s enemies. Then all will know that God is the Savior and Redeemer of Jacob.

Isaiah 50

The Lord tells Israel that they were exiled because of their transgressions. God tells Isaiah what to say. God helps him. He has awakened Isaiah’s ears to hear and his eyes to see. He has not been rebellious or turned away like Israel. He is confident in the Lord.

Isaiah 51

The Lord has blessed Israel and looks with compassion on them. He will bring justice, righteousness, and salvation. He will bring salvation forever, and God’s righteousness will never fail. He entreats the Israelites to awaken. He will rescue and comfort them. They are His people, and God will set them free.

Ruin has come to Israel because they rebuked him. However, the Lord will take the cup of his wrath from them and give it to their tormentors instead to drink. He defends His people.

Isaiah 52:1-12

The Lord tells his people to awaken and to know His name. Yet, God reigns and will bring salvation to earth.

BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 21, Day 2: Isaiah 49-52:12

3a) God called Jesus to be his servant before he was born. God will display His splendor thorugh Jesus. He told Jesus he would bring back Israel, Jacob, and the Gentiles to him. Kings will bow before Jesus. God chose Jesus. God will restore Israel.

b) God tells Jesus what to say. God helps him. He has awakened Jesus’s ears to hear and his eyes to see. He has not been rebellious or turned away like Israel. He is confident in the Lord.

4a) Everyone expected the Messiah to be a Savior, a warrior, and very kingly. No one expected him to be humble, a healer, and a peacemaker. Eternal salvation.

b) It strokes the ego to have others adore you and admire you. In addition, being a servant is hard work.

5) Isaiah 49:1: Before I was born the Lord called me;
    from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.

It just gives me cofmort to know that the Lord has had a plan since the beginning of time, and it is playing out. It also gives me comfort to know that God knew me before I was born. It gives me a purpose to do His purpose because I matter to Him at the very least.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 21, Day 2: Isaiah 49-52:12

Long passages of reading again, so hang in there! These can be confusing with the alternating of Isaiah speaking and God speaking and God speaking to Isaiah and to his people. The gist is that the Messiah has a mission to save and redeem the world and God’s people, so we can find comfort in that and be joyous.

End Notes BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided Lesson 21, Day 2: Isaiah 49-52:12

Isaiah 49

Isaiah 49 discusses the Messiah’s mission. We see Jesus called and be prepared for his role before birth. The reference to Israel is a reference to Jesus.

Jesus blesses Israel and the nations. Jesus is to bring Israel back to the Lord and to bless the Gentiles, too.

Jesus is the covenant to the people.

The Lord is faithful to Zion and promises to bless them. He will not forget them.

Servant Song #1: Isaiah 42:1-9. Jesus is the light to nations.

Servant Song #2: Isaiah 49:1-13: The Messiah’s mission

Isaiah 50

Israel is questioning if God cares about them. God declares His love for them and is seen in Jesus’ submission to the Lord.

Jesus speaks to his people and challenges them to submit to God, too.

Servant Song #3: Isaiah 50:4-11: The Servant obeys, while Israel fails.

Isaiah 51

God’s past faithfulness will bring future blessing.

He says “Listen to me” three times here to get His people’s attention.

He will bring salvation and righteousness forever.

The people should fear God, not men.

The Lord is powerful, yet full of wrath.

Isaiah 52

The Lord will redeem Israel and He will vindicate His name before all who blasphemy it.

Be confident in the Lord.

Servant Song #4: Isaiah 52:13-53:12: The suffering of God’s servant in order to rid us of our sin forever.

God will send His promised Messiah to establish His kingdom, but the Messiah will suffer and will accomplish God’s purpose.

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jacob divides into 2 camps genesis 32

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 21, Day 2: Genesis 32:1-8

Summary of Genesis 32:1-8:

Jacob leaves Laban headed home. Jacob meets two angels and called the place Mahanaim, or “two camps.”  Jacob prepares to meet Esau. He sends messengers to him to tell Esau he is returning in order to see if he is still trying to kill him. The messengers return to Jacob and tell him that Esau is coming to meet him and is bringing 400 men. Jacob divides up into two camps so that at least one camp can survive if they are attacked by Esau.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 21, Day 2: Genesis 32:1-8

3a) Psalm says that the angels of the Lord camps around those who fear him and he delivers them. God sent an angel to protect Daniel in the lions’ den. Hebrews 1:14 says the Holy Spirit lives within you. 1 Corinthians 6:2-3 says God will judge the world. 2 Kings 6:8-23 tells how Israel was warned of approaching trouble. God sent angels to protect him.

b) Esau hated Jacob for when he traded his birthright for a bowl of stew (Genesis 25:27-34) and was made lord over Esau (Genesis 27:35-41). Esau threatened to kill Jacob because of his stealing the blessing (Genesis 27:41), and Rebekah never sent for him, so he is assuming Esau still wants to kill him (Genesis 27:45)

4a) He divides up his herd so that at least part of his family will escape if Esau attacks one segment.

b) He is guided by fear. He does not seek the Lord until after he divides his belongings and family.

5a) Unsure

b) Always pray.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 21, Day 2: Genesis 32:1-8

Jacob reacts as most would: assuming Esau still wants to kill him. However, Jacob has spoken to God; he knows he is the promised one. Yet, he still fears for his life, and he does consult God after all the doings.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 21, Day 2: Genesis 32:1-8

map of mahanaim bsf genesis bible study

Bible scholars debate why the angels of God met Jacob and what occurred here. Perhaps it marks a new beginning for Jacob as he separates from the ways of Laban, or perhaps God was showing His great love for Jacob.

Remember that angels are our servants (Hebrews 1:14). The angels were there the entire time, he just couldn’t see them. Elisha’s servant experiences this as well 2 Kings 6:15-17, The same goes for us as well. Angels are around us, too.

Jacob was humbling himself before Esau (saying he was his servant) and explaining that he didn’t want anything from him as he was a man of wealth.

Jacob was afraid because he knew he has wronged Esau, so Esau may still be mad. He had lost all courage he had with Laban (Genesis 31:36-42).

Jacob forget the angels standing next to him out of his fear. Since Rebekah never sent for him, Jacob was facing many unknowns. He needed to turn to God. Jacob divided his camps in order to preserve some of his wealth if Esau attacked. Again, God is absent here.

BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 21, Day 2: Genesis 25:19-26

Summary of passage:  Isaac was forty when he married Rebekah.  Isaac prayed when he discovered Rebekah was barren and God granted her twins.  The Lord told her she carried two nations, one will be stronger and the older will serve the younger.  Esau was the first born (his name may mean hairy.  He was also called Edom which means red for he was red-headed).  The second born was Jacob who came out clasping Esau’s heel (his name means he grasps the heel or he deceives).  Isaac was 60 years old at their birth.


3a)  20 years

b)  Yes

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  The passages we are referred to say so God’s work can be displayed and so that they (Isaac and Rebekah) will learn God’s decrees and so they will cast their cares on the Lord so He can sustain them.  It is estimated that about 12-15 percent of women can’t have kids, have trouble getting pregnant, or have trouble carrying a baby to term.  They could have been one of these couples.

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  They prayed and the Lord answered in His timing.

4)  “Two nations are in your womb” refers to how Esau will be the father of the Edomites (Genesis 36) and Jacob the father of the Israelites.  Abraham was promised in Genesis 17:4-6, 16 that many nations would descend from him and Sarah.

“Two people within you will be separated” means they will live apart.  1 Kings 11:14-16 shows how the Edomites fought against the Israelites and lost.

“One people will be stronger than the other” is the Israelites will be stronger.

“The older will serve the younger” shows how the Edomites will be subjects of the Israelites.  2 Samuel 8:12-14 discusses how David struck down the Edomites and subjected them to his rule.

2 Chronicles 21:8-10 speaks of how Edom rebelled against Judah’s rule.

The tiny book of Obadiah is prophecy from the Lord about Edom and Israel, basically saying in sum that Israel will be the last one standing and Edom will disappear from the face of the earth.  The last people of Edom were destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 when they took Jerusalem and destroyed the temple of the Lord.

Conclusions:  I’m not exactly thrilled about re-visiting Scripture we have already visited for an entire week.  And tomorrow is Hebrews–again.  Help.

I didn’t like 3b.  That was a “duh” to me.  Obviously.  Isaac was God’s chosen one to establish His people.  How else is he going to do it?  I thought we’d pick up at Genesis 28:10.

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to this week.  To me, this is another filler lesson. Or I’m too impatient.  All year I’ve been looking forward to Joseph.  I’m ready.  Let’s move on!

End Note:  Just being honest here for those of you whom I’m sure will comment what a bad attitude I have and how I should drop out or quit or what-have-you (it could be a reflection of my state-of-mind right now as some of you have suggested as well.  I don’t know.  I’m not a psychologist).  This is how I feel about this lesson.  And I make no apologies for saying so.  But see this POST.  I’m doing it despite how I feel about it.  For I’m sure God has something here for me whether I see it or not or whether I feel like learning it or not.